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Miracles of Prophet Muhammad

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Miracles of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Signs about Prophet Mohammad before becoming a Prophet

– The night Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was conceived by his parents, all the idols of Mecca were thrown down on the ground. Angels cast the throne of Iblis (Satan) into the sea and Satan was tormented for forty days.

– The night our Prophet (P.B.U.H) was born: (a) The Palace of Qisra (King of Persia) trembled and its fourteen towers fell down.

(b) The flames of the fire-worshippers, the Majus (Zoroastrians) went out, though that fire had been burning for more than a thousand years, never extinguished.

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– Prophet Muhammad’s birth corresponds with the Year of the Elephant, which is named after the failed destruction of Mecca that year by the Aksumite King Abraha who had in his army many elephants.

– When Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was either nine or twelve years old while accompanying a Meccans caravan to Syria, he met a Christian monk or hermit named Bahira who foretold Muhammad (P.B.U.H) that he was going to be a prophet of God.

Following important events and miracles took place in the presence of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

1. Israa & Miraj – Night Journey to Jerusalem and then to Heaven

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Another great miracle is Israa & Miraj which is Prophet Mohammad’s journey overnight from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to Heaven. He met with all the previous prophets, including Jesus & Moses, and he had the honor of being chosen as the leader of a prayer that was attended by all prophets.

Narrated by Ibn Abbas, in Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 462:

The Prophet said, “On the night of my Ascent (Mi’raj) to Heaven, I saw Moses who was a tall, brown, curly-haired man as if he was one of the men of Shan’awa tribe, and I saw Jesus, a man of medium height and fair complexion inclined to the red and white colors and of lank hair. I also saw Malik, the gate-keeper of the (Hell) Fire and the Ad-Dajjal (Anti-Christ) amongst the signs which Allah showed me.” (The Prophet then recited the Quranic Verse): “So be not you in doubt of meeting him’ when you met Moses during the night of Mi’raj (ascent) to the heavens” (Quran 32:23)

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2. Splitting of the Moon

The unbelievers asked Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) for physical miracle, so he split the moon, by the will of God, into two haves by a gesture of his index finger. One half of the moon appeared behind a mountain and the other one in front of it.

3. Survival of Prophet Mohammad after Being Poisoned

A Jewish woman invited him to eat a meal and put poison in his food. He ate and felt poison and told her that she could not with her poison kill him. Indeed, he survived about 13 years after that incident.

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4. Spider’s Web

After he fled Mecca, his enemies went after him. So, he, and his closest companion Abu Bakr, hid in a cave. He enemies reached the opening of the cave, but the enemies did not enter the cave because they noticed a spider’s web covering the opening of the cave, so they thought that it was impossible for Mohammad to have entered that cave. This miracle is mentioned in the Quran.

5. Food Multiplication

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 780:

Narrated by Jabir:

My father died in debt. So I came to the Prophet and said, “My father left unpaid debts, and I have nothing (to pay back the debt), except the yield of his Date Palm Trees; and their yield for many years will not cover his debt. So please come with me (to meet the creditors), so that the creditors may not misbehave with me.” The Prophet went around one of the heaps of dates and invoked (Allah’s) blessings, and then did the same with another heap and sat on it and said, “Weigh (the dates).” He (Prophet Mohammad) paid them (the debtors) what they were entitled to and what remained was as much as had been paid to them.

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6. Water Multiplication

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 779:

Narrated by Abdullah:

Once we were with Allah’s Messenger (Prophet Mohammad) on a journey, and we ran short of water. He said, “Bring the water remaining with you.” The people brought a container which had little water left. He placed his hand in it and said, “Come to the blessed water, and the Blessing is from Allah.” I saw the water flowing from among the fingers of Allah’s Messenger, and no doubt, we heard the meal glorifying Allah, when it was being eaten (by him).

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 777:

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Narrated by Al-Bara:

We were one-thousand-and-four-hundred (1400) persons on the day of Al-Hudaibiya (Treaty). (At) Al-Hudaibiya, (there) was a well. We drew out its water, not leaving even a single drop. The Prophet sat at the edge of the well and asked for some water, with which he rinsed his mouth. Then he threw it out into the well. We stayed for a short while. Then, we drew water from the well and quenched our thirst. Even our riding animals drank water to their satisfaction.

7. Supplication for Rain

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 115:

Narrated by Anas bin Malik:

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A man came to the Prophet on a Friday, while he (the Prophet) was delivering a sermon in Medina, and said, “There is lack of rain, so please invoke your Lord to bless us with rain.” The Prophet looked at the sky when no cloud could be detected. Then, he invoked Allah for rain. Clouds started gathering together and it rained till the Medina valleys started flowing with water. It continued raining till the next Friday. Then, that man (or some other man) stood up while the Prophet was delivering the Friday sermon, and said, “We are drowned; Please invoke your Lord to withhold it (rain) from us.” The Prophet smiled and said twice or thrice, “O Allah! Please let it rain around us and not upon us.” The clouds started dispersing over Medina to the right and to the left, and it rained around Medina and not upon Medina. Allah showed them (the people) the miracle of His Prophet and His response to his invocation.


8. Lights to Guide Prophet Mohammad’s Companions

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 1, Book 8, Number 454:

Narrated by Anas bin Malik:

Once, on a dark night, two of the companions of the Prophet departed (after a meeting with the prophet) and were led by two lights like lamps (from the sky) lighting the road in front of them. And, when they parted (from each other), each of them was accompanied by one of these lights till he reached his house.

9. Crying of the Trunk of the Date Palm Tree

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 783:

Narrated by Ibn Umar:

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The Prophet used to deliver his sermons while standing beside (or leaning on) a trunk of a Date Palm tree. When he had the pulpit made, he used it (the pulpit) instead (of the Date Palm tree). The trunk (of the tree) started crying/weeping (grieving out of love for the prophet) and the Prophet approached it, rubbing his hand over it (to sooth it and stop its crying/weeping).

Comment: This story indicates that people actually heard the truck of the tree crying/weeping.

10. A Wolf Speaks and Recognizes Mohammad as of a Messenger of Allah

Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 3, Book 39, Number 517:

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Narrated by Unais bin ‘Amr:

Ahban bin Aus said, “I was amongst my sheep. Suddenly a wolf caught a sheep and I screamed at it (the wolf). The wolf sat on its tail and addressed me, saying, ‘Who will look after it (i.e. the sheep) when you are busy and not able to look after it? Do you forbid me the provision which Allah has provided me?’ Ahban added, “I clapped my hands and said, ‘By Allah, I have never seen anything more interesting and wonderful than this!’ On that, the wolf said, ‘There is something more (interesting and) wonderful than this; that is, Allah’s Messenger… inviting people to Allah (i.e. Islam).’ “Unais bin ‘Amr added, “Then Ahban went to Allah’s Messenger and informed him what happened and embraced Islam.)”

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