Sayyadah Aisha Siddique (R.A) was the daughter of Muslim caliph Abu Bakar and was unmarried and the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She was born in Makkah in 612 CE.

Aisha Siddique (R.A) was the most beloved wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She was the first of among the wives of Prophet (PBUH) who memorized Quran. Moreover, most of the revelations on Prophet (PBUH) took place when He was with Her. She had also memorized thousands of ahadith of Prophet (PBUH) and Muslims after His (PBUH) death would go to Aisha Siddique (R.A) for consultation on Quran, Sunnah and Fiqh. She was 25 years old when Prophet (PBUH) passed away. She lived to see the reign of all four Caliphs and also participated in wars.

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Aisha Siddique (R.A) passed away in 678 CE at the age of 65 on 17th of Ramadan. She rests at peace in Jannatul Baqi in Madina.


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