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Salman Farsi was born in Iran who traveled to Madina and accepted Islam at the hand of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) thus became His companion.

Salman Farsi is primarily known for the advice he gave in the battle of Trench. The trench around Madina was dug upon his suggestion, as this was what Persians did when they feared an attack. He also translated Quran into Persian. Abu Huraira (R.A) would call him Abul Katiban (Father of Books i.e Quran and Bible) while Hazrat Ali (R.A) would call him Luqman al Hakeem (Luqman the wise).

There is no clear evidence about his place and time of death but it is believed that he died between the end of the reign of Usman (R.A) and the beginning of the reign of Ali (R.A).

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