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Story of Iftar

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Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was invited by one of His companions, Anas Malik (R.A) to have meal at his place. He knew that when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) observed fast, He usually had milk and dates in Iftar and very simple food in Suhoor.

Anas Malik (R.A) knew that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was fasting, so he arranged milk and dates for His Iftar. At the time of Iftar, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not appear. Anas (R.A) thought that He might have accepted someone else’s invitation for Iftar so he ate the food which he had prepared for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

After sometime, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) entered the house with another companion; Anas (R.A) immediately asked the other companion that whether Prophet (PBUH) had eaten any food. The companion replied that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had been dealing with some urgent work which resulted in the delay and He had not eaten. Anas (R.A) felt great embarrassment at this. There was nothing left which he could offer to the Prophet (PBUH) if he asked for food. Still he waited, ready to explain the situation to the Prophet (PBUH). Prophet (PBUH) instantly sensed that Anas (R.A) was hesitant, so He remained silent and retired to bed hungry. Anas (R.A) used to say: “The Messenger of God never mentioned this incident during his lifetime to anyone.”

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