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Story of Prophet Muhammad’s Forgiveness

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One day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sitting alone under a tree. One of the enemies saw Prophet (PBUH) and thought that it was the right time to kill Prophet (PBUH) as He was alone and no one was there to protect Him.

He came quickly and quietly towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and drew his word. He said: “Tell me who can help you now?”

Prophet (PBUH) replied very calmly; “Allah”.

By seeing the confidence and calmness on the face of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the attacker became frightened and the sword fell from his hands. The Prophet (PBUH) took his sword and asked him; “Now tell me who is there to save you.” The enemy replied; “No one”.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “No, you are wrong. The same Allah will help you also” said the generous Prophet and let the attacker go free.

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