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Story of Prophet Muhammad’s Kindness to Orphans

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Once, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was going to offer Eid prayer. All of His companion were walking beside Him and saying Takbeer, “Allahu Akbar”. Everyone was excited and dressed nicely and everyone had their perfume on. On His way, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saw a child sitting on the roadside. This child had his face buried in his hands and he was crying continuously.
At this, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stopped and told the companions to continue their walk to mosque and He would join them in a while.

He went to the child and sat next to him on the side of the street. He patted the child on the back and inquired; “Young child why are you crying?” The child said: “Today is the day of Eid and all the young children are holding their fathers hand and their going for their Eid prayer. My father was martyred in the battle of Uhud. I don’t have a father and there’s nobody to hold my hand on the way to Eid prayer.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to this child; “If you are crying, I will also not celebrate the day of Eid”. Prophet (PBUH) held the child’s hand and He said while all the children are holding the hands of their fathers you will hold the hands of Muhammad (PBUH). And from today onwards you will never say you do not have a father. From today onwards Muhammad is your father and Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) is your mother. And Prophet (PBUH) walked with the child all the way to the Eid prayer and when Prophet (PBUH) was giving the Khutbah, He had this child sit on his lap (in one narration He had the child sit on his shoulders). This is the Mercy of Prophet (PBUH)

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