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Story of Wealth and Poverty


According to the teachings of Islam every Muslim knows that everyone is equal regardless of one is wealthy or poor. Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sitting with their companions and teaching them the word of wisdom and guidance. One poor man arrived there in rags and saluted everyone. He found a vacant place and sat comfortably.

The poor man sat next to very rich man. The rich man felt very disturbed at this and tried to collect the edges of his dress. The Prophet (PBUH) observed this and addressed the rich man: “Perhaps you are afraid that his poverty would affect you?”

The rich man said: “No, Messenger of Allah”,

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“Then perhaps you were worried about some of your wealth flying away to him?”

“No, Messenger of Allah.”

“Or you feared that your clothes would become dirty if he touched them?”

“No, Messenger of Allah.”

“Then why did you draw yourself and your clothes away from him?”

The rich man said: “I admit that was the most unwanted thing to do. It was my mistake and I admit it. Now to make compensation for it I will give away half of my wealth to this Muslim brother so that I may be forgiven.” Just as he said this, the poor man rose and said, “Prophet of Allah, I do not accept this offer.” 

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Peoplepresent were taken by surprise, they thought that the poor man was a fool, but then he explained:”Prophet of Allah, I cannot accept this offer because I fear that I might then become arrogant and treat my Muslim brothers the way he did to me.”

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