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Zaynab Bint Ali

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Zaynab Bint Ali was the 5th child of Ali and Fatima thus making her the grand daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She was born in Madina on 5th of Sha’aban.

She was married to Abdullah Ibn Ja’far who was a wealthy man, yet the couple lived a modest life. She had great love for her father and family. This is the reason when Ali moved the capital to Kufa in his reign, she along with her husband also shifted to Kufa. Moreover, the prominent role of her in history comes to surface when she delivered the Sermons in the court of Yazid who after martyring Hussain held her as a captive. It is due to her Sermons that Yazid let all the captives go. She is an embodiment of strength, sacrifice, and courage in Islamic history, especially pertaining to women.

Her place of burial and the date of death is still controversial among different sects of Islam.

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