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Zubair Ibn Awwam

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Zubair Ibn Awwam was the cousin and companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was born in 594 CE and is among the lucky ten who were promised for paradise by Prophet (PBUH).

Zubair Ibn Awwam was among the first ten who accepted Islam. He accepted Islam at the age of 15 and was a true lover of Prophet (PBUH). He was known for his bravery and is one of the most successful Muslim commanders. He never missed a single battle during the life of Prophet (PBUH) and fought gallantly in all the battles. He played a major role in the victory of Muslim in Egypt.

Zubair Ibn Awwam was martyred by Marwan and his other rebels in 656 CE when he was sent to capture them on the instructions of Hazrat Ali (R.A) in Basra, Iraq.

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