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(Haroon Moghul, Beacon Press)
With nearly 2 billion followers, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. It’s the third largest religion in the U.S. after Christianity and Judaism. Writer HAROON MOGHUL explores its history, how teachings of the Prophet Mohammed apply to the modern world, and his own relationship to the Muslim faith in his new book, Two Billion Caliphs: A Vision of a Muslim Future. His 2017 memoir How to be a Muslim, was about trying to reconcile the more orthodox religious practices of his childhood with his beliefs and experiences as an adult and finding his Muslim-American identity. This hour, we’ll talk to Moghul about his faith, the questions he continues to wrestle with, and his vision for a more modern version of Islam.
CNN, Opinion: American Islam gets this beautiful thing right – “But at a time when Muslims everywhere are searching for new visions, American Islam has something special to offer.”
NBC, Social isolation isn’t part of Ramadan now. But many Muslims remain spiritually isolated – “Many mosques leave no room for anyone who might want to do some things differently.”
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PA Post investigation prompts legal action at Pa. jails

PA Post’s investigation on commissary items is the basis for a nonprofit’s legal claim advocating for prisoners’ rights.
2 years ago
Pool incident sparks religious discrimination lawsuit against Wilmington
A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Wilmington after a teacher and her young Muslim students were asked to leave a public pool b …
4 years ago
Wilmington mayor apologizes, arranges meeting with Muslim group asked to leave pool

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Mike Purzycki issued an apology and is meeting with members of the Muslim community after a teacher and her young Muslim students were asked to leave a public pool.
4 years ago
N.J. Gov. Murphy addresses midterm primary results
Suburban Community Hospital nurses protest against Prime Healthcare denying health care bills
Oz wins GOP Senate primary recount ahead of showdown with Fetterman

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