A Muslim leader condemned the killings of innocent people, saying there is a “bias of opinion” toward Muslims.
“Islam has nothing to do with extremism or terrorism. Islam is the religion of peace,” Maulana Atif Majeed Sulaimani said.
On Monday, he officiated the Eid-ul-Fitr service at the San Fernando Jama masjid at Mucurapo Street in San Fernando. Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Minister Kazim Hosein and Energy and Energy Industries Minister Stuart Young were among those in attendance.
He mentioned the September 11, 2001, attack in the US as well as suicide bombings saying, not because a few people do such acts, mean that the whole religion is bad.
Sulaimani also referred to the 2019 shooting death of 50-plus Muslims, including women and children, who had gathered for prayers in New Zealand.

Imam Hafiz Moulana Atif Majeed Sulaimani addresses worshippers at the ASJA JAMA Masjid in San Fernando on Monday for the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. – Marvin Hamilton

“We condemn the act of that individual. The people who kill innocent people have no religion. They have no lifestyle,” he said.
The imam encouraged non-Muslims to read the Quran with an open mind and they would “see the light.”
Hosein gave remarks and urged the congregation to learn to forgive those who wronged them.
He said people should not ask Allah for forgiveness if they could not forgive others.
Hosein also urged the congregation to always be humble in everything they did because Muslims were seen as humble people.
“I am in public life and I practice it. I always will continue to do that because I represent the Islamic community. I am Muslim first and everything else after,” Hosein said.
He called on the gathering to take care of their families, especially the wives and parents.
Young also addressed the gathering, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to spend time with the Muslim community on this momentous occasion.
“The teachings that I heard today, and the spiritual guidance could only have come from God. I listened to every word that the imam said, and all of it was a message from God,” Young said.

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Stuart Young, Minister of Energy and Energy Industries and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, and Kazim Hosein, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, at the ASJA JAMA Masjid in San Fernando on Monday for the Eid al-Fitr celebrations. – Marvin Hamilton

Young said the country is better off because it recognises and appreciates all religions.
Islam is one of the main pillars of Trinidad and Tobago, he said.
Young said the Prime Minister would have also attended had he not “just returned from a very long and gruelling trip for the last week in Washington DC.”
On behalf of himself, his family, and the Government, Young wished the Muslim community Eid Mubarak saying, “Please continue doing what you are doing because you are one of the most important communities for us here in TT.”


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