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Dear editor,
Islam is viewed as a religion of hate and violence by some in the western society, which has led to Islamophobic attacks against Muslims.
However, the religion of Islam is the complete opposite of what some may think of it. ‘Islam’ itself means peace, and within its teachings it promotes peace and love. Islam is not a new religion. It is, in essence, the same message and guidance which Allah revealed to all prophets before the Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him.
Islam is a religion of peace and this can be seen through the voluntary efforts of the Ahmaddiya Muslim Women's Association of Airdrie. The ladies from this association regularly volunteer in the community in all fields. Some of the work they have done includes assisting seniors living at the Bethany care home, donating food and monetary funds to the Airdrie food bank, cleaning Alberta highways through the adopt-a-highway program, and sending gifts to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. These are just some of the efforts to promote love and peace within the Airdrie community.
October is known as International Muslim Heritage Month, and we should all take this opportunity to learn about Islam’s true message of peace. To learn more about Islam, please visit
Uzma Rashid
Windsong Heights
About the Author: Airdrie Today Staff
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