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An exhibition of Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy reveals "the interlaced nature" of the three faith traditions, its organiser has said.
Artists Joumana Medlej, Michel D'Anastasio and Maaida Noor will showcase their work at the Woolf Institute in Cambridge.
Muslim, Christian and Jewish texts will be included in the exhibition.
The Woolf Institute was set up to encourage tolerance and understanding between the different faiths.
The three contemporary artists are inspired by their different backgrounds.
Joumana Medleg is a British-Lebanese artist best known for her expertise in early Arabic calligraphy Kufi scripts, while Maaida Noor is influenced by her British and Pakistani roots and has collaborated with commercial clients including Christian Dior and The Body Shop.
French artist Michel D'Anastasio discovered part of his family was of Jewish origin in 2004 and is now a specialist in modern Hebrew calligraphy.
Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner, executive director of the Woolf Institute, said part of its mission was "to educate national audiences on the interlaced nature of the three Abrahamic traditions".
Christianity, Judaism and Islam are known as the Abrahamic faiths because they all recognise Abraham as their first prophet.
She added: "Although The Written Word focuses on the liturgical languages of Judaism and Islam, it highlights that Arabic was an important mode of communication for Christian Middle Eastern communities too."
The exhibition runs from 12 June until 26 June.
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