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During the regime of Late Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi, the following are few of the numerous rights that we Muslims have been denied for years but Allah in His mercy used Ajimobi led Government to gave us our rights.

1. Beside Ekiti State, Oyo State government was the first that approved and gazette Hijab for our females Muslim students of the state.

2. He approved Hijrah Holiday calendar just as Christian have been enjoying Jan 1st as their new year holiday.

3. Three Oke-Ogun Muslims women were illegally sack from civil service teaching commission because of their Niqob and we won the case at the court of law but then governor late Adebayo Alao Akala of PDP which is a Christian refuse to obey the court judgement to reinstate them, but Alihamdullillah, they were reinstated back to their work after we showed Ajimobi led government the court judgement and not only that, they paid them their withheld 3 years salaries.

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4. Ajimobi led government grant us Maulud Nabee/ Birthday of Rasulullah, bcos the Christian are getting budget annually for the Christmas birthday of Jesus and its state money for all of us, we thought about the aqidah issue of Maulud Nabee and our imams said we should agree with the government and packages for our imams as it as been enjoying by the Christian as well

5. Its on record as attested by His Eminence Sultan Of Sokoto and President General Of NSCIA that Ajimobi i is the first sitting governor to build a personal Masjid in the whole of country when he realized that there’s no single Masjid along the road from Under Bridge Molete to Dugbe in a Muslims populated environment while there’s uncountable of churches there.

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6. During the Regime of Ajimobj, a PS of education unilateral changed community school name to Baptist school and order the Muslims female students not to wear the hijab again despite the government circular allows it in the state. And when we reported it to Ajimobi led government about the injustice, immediately he order the PS to rescind the decision and the school name revert back.

7. During Ajimoji regime, a Christian school principal reported her Muslim vice principal that she should be sack for observing her constitutional right by using niqob to school but when Ajimobi led government heard the case, he invited both to his office, it was there he got to know that niqobi vice principal Muslim woman will soon finish her PhD while the Christian principal was just NCE holder. What a great injustice!!!


8. Go and verify, during the regime of Ajimobi, all the principal officer administrate Emmanuel Alayande College of education are Muslims based on their performance by the consultant given the assignment without any favourism. Though, Ajimobi himself was amazed by the result and wanted to change it to include Christian who performed woefully in the exam, but when they showed him that since 1985, the school have been administered whole principal officer by Christians.

I can’t enumerate all what we Muslims and Islam have got from Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi led government.

May Allaah accept these achievements as an act of Ibadah for the blessed memory – Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi and may He overlook his shortcomings and grant Him admittance to Jannatul Firdaoz. Aameen

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Who can achieve these feats without his participation in politics?

Whoever told you Muslim that you should not play your own role in Nigeria politics is nothing but mischievous.

The evil in participating in politics is a lesser while the evil in not participating is greater as far as Nigeria is concerned.

*Waliyullah Akinyode*

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