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Don’t Be A Leaf In The Wind – Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister

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My beloved sister, beware of being a characterless female blindly following every noise or new trend originating from the Zionists. You have your own dignity and independent personality that distinguishes you from others. If you must follow an example it should be that found in the biographies of the women companions who were superior and pure. You must look to the righteous and God-fearing callers to Allah for they are suitable for us to look to, rally around and follow in their footsteps. They are the torchlights on the path to guidance and upon their companionship is the best of this life and the Hereafter.

Don’t follow, my dear sister, the vile callers to corruption who boast of vice…those who are bereft of the garment of virtue or hayaa’. By Allah what makes the heart weep and severs the grieved soul is to see a Muslim woman…if she sees her evil counterparts wearing tight, short, thin clothing she wears it and follows them.

If she sees them wearing tight, tempting pants and revealing dresses sometimes even showing their private parts, thighs and buttocks, she parrots them! She neither upholds the ruling of the shari’ah in her clothing nor does she see what Allah has deemed acceptable for her of it. Instead, she goes along with their so-called progressiveness and has no desire to divert from the procession of civilization and development and sees any digression as regression and backward repression despite that the source of regression, backwardness, self-defeatism and guilelessness is actually in her concepts, portrayal and action.

You Can Do It

Culled from the Book title: I Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister…Will You Not Respond? by Nawaal Bint Abdullah

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