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Islam – Elevation of Women’s Status by Shaikh Ali Al-Timimi

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Islam – Elevation of Women’s Status

Shaikh Ali Al-Timimi

Assalaamu `Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu

Al hamdu lillaah was salaatu was salaamu `alaa rasoolillaah, `amma ba`d:

The matter that I used to be requested to debate right here at McGill University is the elevation of the standing of ladies in Islam. Many, upon listening to the title of this lecture, would possibly assume it to be an oxymoron as a result of the prevalent thought – no less than within the West – is that Islam doesn’t elevate the standing of ladies, however that Islam oppresses and suppresses ladies. So individuals would possibly discover the title in itself to be surprising or a curiosity no less than.

In discussing this matter – because it seems to me that this can be a combined viewers of Muslims and non-Muslims – I’d prefer to make my remarks and feedback temporary. I’ll take not more than thirty to 45 minutes, after which permit you a chance to ask your questions. Perhaps the query and reply session could be extra fruitful in addressing particular accusations, understandings or misunderstandings concerning the standing of ladies in Islam.

As everyone knows, on the planet right this moment, there are – for the overwhelming majority of humanity – mainly two world views. These two views are sometimes in battle – not solely on the non-public stage the place particular person human beings are making decisions, but in addition on the worldwide stage in phrases of the talk over the authenticity and correctness of these two world views.

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The first world view, which I’m positive most of us are conscious of, is the Western liberal view. A view which claims to attract its roots from the Judeo-Christian custom that most likely, upon investigation, is extra effectively rooted within the concepts that appeared after the reformation; concepts which might be rooted in secularism and the world view that appeared thereafter throughout the ‘period of enlightenment’.

The second view is that of the Muslims – the Islamic world view, and this view says that its roots and concepts lie within the revelation given by God (or Allah in Arabic) to the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam). Those who proclaim this view say that it may be used by humanity throughout all ages and instances, and that its relevance and profit isn’t restricted to a sure interval of time, geographic space or sure race of human beings. Likewise, the adherents of the primary view, that of Western secularism and the liberal custom, consider that their world view, concepts, tradition and civilization are the most effective for humanity. Some of you might need learn a e book that got here out just a few years in the past by an American writer of Japanese respectable (Francis Fukuyama) known as “The End of Time”. He mainly put forth the speculation that human growth in phrases of its concepts has concluded with this closing interval of liberal secular thought and nothing extra will come to humanity. However in his e book he provides that that the one half of he world which has not adopted this secular human view is the Islamic world and proposes that there shall be a battle in phrases of this ideology within the Islamic world.

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With that temporary introduction, one of the subjects of competition between these two worlds views, that of the secular liberal humanist within the West and the Islamic custom, issues ladies. What is the place and standing of ladies? How are ladies seemed to? Are ladies elevated in a single tradition and oppressed in one other? The Western view is that girls are elevated solely within the West and that they’re getting increasingly rights with the passage of time, whereas their sisters – they are saying – within the Islamic world are nonetheless being suppressed. The Muslims who they encounter say that actually it’s the Islamic system that gives the true freedoms for women and men alike, and ladies within the West in addition to males, are deceived into an thought of freedom which actually does not exist. What I’d like to debate this night is precisely how Islam appears to be like to ladies. And subsequently my dialogue shall be extra upon – what we would say for the dearth of a greater time period – the philosophical foundation, quite than the person practices which range from one nation to the opposite. How ladies are understood in Islam can’t be correctly understood – and that is extra important, I really feel – until one understands precisely what we would name the philosophical foundation or ideological understanding – since that is actually a theological idea.

First, let’s assessment how precisely ladies had been thought of and understood within the western custom, to check and distinction views. We know that the western custom sees itself because the mental inheritors of the Greek custom that existed earlier than the prophet Jesus Christ (peace be upon him), and so subsequently many of the mental traditions of the West are discovered to a point within the writings of the early Greek philosophers like Aristotle, Plato and so forth.

How did they give the impression of being in direction of ladies? What had been the concepts of Aristotle and Plato in direction of ladies? When one opinions the works of these early Greek philosophers, he finds that that they had very disparaging views of ladies. Aristotle in his writings argued that girls weren’t full human beings and that the character of girl was not that of a full human individual. As a outcome, ladies had been by nature poor, to not be trusted and to be seemed down upon. In truth, writings describe that the free ladies in lots of points of the Greek society – aside from the only a few ladies of the elite lessons – had positions no higher than animals and slaves.

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This Aristotelian view of ladies was later carried on into the early Christian custom of the Catholic church. Saint Thomas of Aquinas in his writings proposed that girls had been the entice of Satan. The challenge of Adam and Eve added a dimension to the sooner Greek concepts of Aristotle; ladies had been the trigger of the downfall of man and subsequently had been Satan’s entice and must be checked out with warning and weariness as a result of they brought on the primary downfall of humanity and all thus evil precedes from ladies. This kind of thought was persistent inside the writings of the Church fathers all through the Middle Ages.

In their writings, we discover this theme proposed in a single facet or one other. However, after the Protestant Reformation Europe determined to free itself from the shackles and chains of the Catholic church. Ideas which have been entitled because the Age of Enlightenment or thought of as such, brought on them to really feel that they wanted to free themselves from many of these concepts. Some of these concepts had been scientific in nature, that the earth goes across the solar, as an alternative of the solar going across the earth; theological in nature, as within the writings of Martin Luther; and in addition social in nature, just like the place of ladies in society.

However, the writers of the Enlightenment nonetheless carried this primary theme that was not a lot of a swap – ladies weren’t full human beings. French writers throughout the revolution, like Rousseau, Voltaire, and others, checked out ladies as a burden that wanted to be taken care of. This is why I consider it is Rousseau in his e book “Emile”, which he wrote in regards to the schooling of ladies, proposed a special kind of schooling for ladies primarily based upon the truth that ladies had been unable to know what males had been capable of perceive.


This is the custom that the West inherited and thereafter we discover within the 1800’s the primary writings showing by ladies and a few males calling for the change of these concepts. And with this, we’ve the origins of the primary female actions. One of the primary books written was the “Vindication for the Rights of Women” by Mary Walsencraft which appeared within the 1800s. Thereafter the custom of ladies receiving sure rights got here. The first of these had been mainly authorized rights as a result of till the 1800s ladies weren’t capable of personal property and weren’t capable of dispose of their wealth as males did. It could be very well-known that the primary legal guidelines that allowed ladies to personal property within the United States or in Europe appeared solely within the final couple of many years of the 1800s.

The Industrial Revolution brought on one other impetus, one other search, to this feminist motion. Women within the Industrial Revolution, particularly England, had been pressured to labor for a lot of hours within the coal mines and so forth, and would obtain no pay by any means in comparison with males. So subsequently the primary calling of the motion was that individuals who work the identical quantity of hours deserved the identical quantity of cash or pay.

Finally, a break occurred on this century of mainly all which is known from the Western custom. Coming from the latter feminist motion which appeared after World War II, a brand new motion known as for the emancipation of ladies not solely in phrases of authorized rights, however it additionally questioned some of the morals of society and known as for better sexual freedoms for men and women alike. It contended that mainly rather a lot of issues had been brought on by the establishment of marriage and the concepts of household and so forth. People wrote regarding the necessity to break from these.


And lastly, within the Nineteen Nineties, the prevalent argument within the West is that we should always focus on genders, not sexes. This thought was expressed lately in a e book which got here out a yr in the past known as “The Age of Extremes”. The writer discusses the concept there isn’t a distinction between male or feminine and that gender is so solely as a result of setting. So, subsequently, we will change the setting in order that males may take the roles of ladies and ladies take the roles of males by altering schooling and local weather. This is the place it has ended up now. So we discover on this 2500-yr-outdated western custom, we come from the primary excessive which was expressed by the Greeks, the place ladies had been denied their important humanity, to this excessive expressed right this moment the place there isn’t a variations between the sexes and it is a matter of gender, local weather, and setting. This is, of course, a really temporary abstract of the primary world view. I did not do justice to these 2500 years in simply these couple of minutes, however it simply provides us an thought.

The different view which I wish to discuss in additional element is the Islamic view. How does Islam have a look at the problem of ladies? Well, first of all, we should always perceive that Muslims in contrast to, for example, the Greek philosophers or the French writers after the French revolution, don’t really feel that their ideas, concepts and beliefs are these of fellow males.

But quite they consider that what they’re taught, what they consider, what they follow, and all that’s tied to this, is an element of a divine revelation given to them by God. And so, its reality and veracity isn’t questionable as a result of of it being revelation from God. The argument is that God is aware of greatest that which He created. He created human beings, He is a God of knowledge, and a God of all data and so subsequently He is aware of what’s greatest. And He decrees that which is greatest for humanity, His creatures. Therefore, Muslims attempt to reside by a code of legislation which is an expression of that perception.
Now I do not wish to focus on the varied particulars of the code of legislation as a result of that, I really feel, would not likely profit us on this lecture. Although maybe some of that may come out within the query and reply session and I’ll be glad to entertain any questions you might need. But what I wish to focus on is how does Islam have a look at ladies, i.e. what’s womanhood in Islam? Did Muslims consider just like the early Greek writers or early church fathers that girls weren’t full human begins? Did they really feel that girls the place Satan’s entice, so subsequently must be shunned and checked out as one thing evil and harmful? How did they understand ladies? Upon investigating into the traditions of Islam which is, as I stated, primarily based on revelation referred to as the Qur’an, we discover that it turns into very clear that Muslims are taught that women and men share a single humanity – that they’re equal of their humanity and that there isn’t a distinction within the quantity of human nature in them. We would possibly now take that with no consideration, however as I defined, the preliminary western civilization was primarily based on the truth that ladies weren’t full human beings.

So this being one thing that was taught 1400 years in the past was a revolutionary thought within the sense that it is just inside the final 100 years or in order that the problem of ladies being full human beings has come to be accepted in western mental circles. Initially, ladies weren’t thought of full human beings.

The Qur’an in describing the origins of human beings tells them, the interpretation of which might be one thing like “O humanity! Verily we have created you from a single male and a single female, and have made you into tribes and peoples so that you may know one another. Verily the most honorable of you are those who are most pious with God.” [49:13] This verse within the Qur’an teaches that people come from a single male and a single feminine. The indication right here is that the female and male in phrases of their human nature are at an equal stage. Likewise one other verse, from a chapter which is thought within the Qur’an because the chapter of Women – as a result of most of the problems mentioned there are legal guidelines coping with ladies – begins off with a verse which might be translated as “O humanity! Verily We have created you from a single soul, and have made from it its mate,” this can be a reference to Adam and Eve, “and have made from both of them many people, men and women, and scattered them throughout the earth.” [4:1] So right here once more is the problem of women and men and all human beings coming from a single supply, a single household, a single set of dad and mom. This reveals that girls share in full humanity with males.

Likewise within the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) – which is the second supply of the Islamic faith – we discover that the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) stated in a Hadith that certainly verily ladies are the dual halves of males. The Arabic phrase shaqaa’iq, which I translated as twin halves, means taking one thing and splitting it in half. The understanding is that there’s a single humanity, a single essence which is shared, and there are twin halves of that – one is man and one is ladies.


This is repeated usually within the Qur’an. The phrases of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) additionally emphasize this. As I stated, this can be a crucial idea to know when one displays on how conventional western civilization checked out ladies as not being full companions and never sharing in humanity.

Although now, we would not discover a lot shock to that as a result of it’s a given maybe that women and men are full human beings. But that is one thing that could be a late incidence in western traditions.
Let us take it to a different step, what’s the goal of humanity? What is the aim for which human beings exist on earth, to what ends do they try? What will happen to them in the event that they try to these ends and what’s going to happen to them if they didn’t try to these ends? Since Islam is a faith which sees itself as revelation from

God and the reality, Muslims would really feel that human beings have a set objective right here on earth; that in every thing of God’s creation there’s knowledge. There is nothing of God’s creation that doesn’t have any knowledge. There is nothing for sport or play and so subsequently human beings have a objective, and that objective has been elucidated for them within the instructing of Islam.

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They had been created to worship God. A verse from the Qur’an says that God says that He has not created human beings besides to worship Him. So subsequently, the essence of humanity is identical between female and male, they usually additionally share the identical goal and that’s to worship God. And that’s a very powerful challenge within the Islamic tradition and civilization. You know that the Islamic tradition and civilization is rooted in non secular perception. American civilization is rooted in what? In the writings of the founding fathers of the United States of America.

It is rooted within the Declaration of Independence, the beliefs which had been positioned therein. It is rooted within the Constitution of the United States. It is rooted in some of the arguments between monarchy or democracy which had been written by some of the early writers or founding fathers. So it’s rooted in a political thought. Yes, it might need some traditions which move again additional and prolong to sure concepts like in components of Christianity and so forth, however in its essence it’s a political thought, in contrast to Islam which is a faith in its essence.

The civilization of Islam – a civilization which is 1400 years outdated – is one which is rooted in faith. For a Muslim the best goal is to serve God, to worship God alone, and that’s what the phrase Muslim means. Muslim isn’t a racial description, it’s not an ethnic class, Muslim means one who submits. Islam means submitting to the desire of God – the voluntary submission to God – so Islam is a faith of submission.

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Therefore, in a very powerful facet of the Islamic faith, we discover that women and men share in the identical goal and are anticipated to have the identical tasks, in that women and men are each required or obligated to testify that there’s none worthy of worship however Allah alone – God alone – and that Muhammad is His Messenger. Men and ladies are each obligated to hope 5 instances a day, which is the second pillar of Islam. They are obligated to quick the month of Ramadan. They are obligated to make pilgrimage to Makkah.

They are obligated to offer charity. They are obligated to have the identical beliefs. They are obligated to have the identical kind of morality and the identical kind of code of conduct and conduct.

Men and ladies share these important elements of Islamic conduct, which outline a Muslim from a non-Muslim. And that is of excessive significance as a result of it breaks from the custom of religions. For occasion fifty years earlier than the start of the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) who was born round 560 CE we discover that there was a gathering of bishops in France to debate whether or not ladies possessed souls or not, and that, in the event that they do possess souls, what can be their objective on earth? Was it to worship God? And in the event that they worshipped God, would they move to paradise? In the top it was determined that, sure, ladies do possess souls – which was a break from earlier custom – however that their objective was not simply to worship God, but in addition to serve males.

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In Islam, nevertheless, the idea of submission isn’t that girls are submitting to males, however that women and men collectively undergo God. So subsequently, whenever you learn the passages of the Qur’an, it turns into very clear that the obedient from amongst each the believing women and men obtain paradise, which is the best goal and goal in a Muslim’s life, and the idea of that civilization. Likewise, those that are disobedient and who’re renegades, and who don’t wish to worship God additionally obtain the identical punishment whether or not they’re male or feminine. This is why all through the Qur’an you discover the wording addressed to each women and men. The Arabic language like French has two sorts of verbs, one representing the female and one the masculine. So within the Qur’an you will discover each classes of the human race, each sexes, being addressed. This you discover again and again and over. There isn’t any have to now recite all these passages, however they’re there if anybody desires to know.

In abstract we discovered three bases: that they share the identical humanity, that they’ve the identical goal on this earth, and in addition, they anticipate the identical reward, which is the aim which they’re working for collectively as human beings. And this can be a break as I stated from the earlier non secular traditions and in addition political and social understanding prevalent among the many philosophers earlier than the approaching of Islam. And in consequence of that, we discover that Islam accorded ladies rights which maybe we take with no consideration now, however got by God to women and men some 1400 years in the past. These rights like the correct to personal property, the correct to dispose of property in keeping with their very own needs so long as they observe the legal guidelines of the faith of Islam, which apply the identical for males or ladies and the correct to sure what we’d name now political rights, like the correct to enter right into a treaty with combatant, are one thing very current comparatively talking within the West.

One of the rights given by Islam within the time of the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) was that if a lady provides a treaty to a combatant from a non-Muslim attacking pressure – her treaty can be thought of as was the case with a feminine companion of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam). In the Christian church these companions can be known as disciples for example, the disciples of the Prophet Muhammad are the companions as they’re known as. They had been within the tons of and hundreds not simply twelve as with Jesus Christ, and there are each women and men amongst them.

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When the prophet Muhammad got here to Mecca, one of the ladies companions by the title of Umm Hani, who was an inhabitant of Mecca and a believer within the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam), accorded sure kin of hers safety that they might not be harmed. Her brother who was one of the principle companions of the Prophet Muhammad and married his daughter, Ali Bin Abi Talib, wished to execute two of these males who had been identified for harming the Muslims and preventing in opposition to them. So Umm Hani went to the Prophet Muhammad and complained that she had accorded them safety and the Prophet acknowledged her giving safety to these two people.

This is what we would name, within the classification and terminology that we now use, a political proper. In the sense of in accordance safety for an additional individual throughout the state of struggle is one thing which is comparatively new within the West and was a identified custom within the Islamic world 1400 years in the past. Likewise, in phrases of what we would name public participation, there are specific acts of worship that are public acts of worship in Islam, and there are specific acts of worship that are non-public. One of the general public acts is the pilgrimage, when women and men all make pilgrimage, and that is one of the pillars of Islam. Likewise one other public act of worship is the 2 `Eid prayers which happen twice a yr, as soon as after the pilgrimage and as soon as after the cross of Ramadan.

Men and ladies each take part in that publicly. Likewise, we’ve a verse which reveals that the social contract between women and men is identical in Islam. This verse could be translated as the next: “And the believing men and women are,” what we would translate as, “awliyaa” – the phrase in Arabic for associates or allies or supporters of each other, “they” – that means women and men – “bid to that which is correct” i.e. they commend that which is appropriate, “and they forbid that which is evil”.

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And this can be a corrective course of in society, eradicating evil and commending that which is nice. And then “they perform the prayer”, each women and men, “they pay the alms”, or the charity to the poor, “and they obey God and His Messenger.” And then God reveals them the reward and that they’re these upon whom God can have mercy and God is Almighty and All-Wise.

So on this verse, we discover that the social contract between women and men, as people within the society, is identical, that they each move for the very best aim of bidding or commanding that which is appropriate, forbidding that which is evil, and that they share within the two main acts of worship, that are the prayer and giving charity. They share within the beliefs and obedience to God and obedience to the Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) and likewise, they share within the reward in the long run of acquiring Allah’s mercy. This is a vital idea, which is in contradiction with what the western custom is upon right this moment, and that’s as I stated in consequence of the preliminary excessive of the Greek philosophers that girls didn’t share in humanity. As the outcome of that excessive one other excessive occurred – no less than the Muslims take into account it excessive – that there isn’t a distinction between women and men.

So subsequently, the concept of having genders – this can be a time period which isn’t utilized in a organic sense, as we would use the phrase intercourse in a organic sense for female and male, however the understanding right this moment is that the traits that outline maleness or femaleness, the social traits and so forth are decided by upbringing, tradition, and setting and that there isn’t a inherent distinction in the way in which women and men suppose or act or what their make up is and so forth. And that’s the reason they use the time period gender.

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This excessive resulted from the preliminary excessive that occurred 2000 years in the past, when the Greek thought that the ladies didn’t posses humanity. So in consequence of this 2000 yr processes we now come to a different excessive – no less than that is what Muslims would say – this excessive now’s that women and men are the identical, that there isn’t a distinction.

Islam, though confirming that women and men do share in the identical essence of humanity, additionally confirms that women and men are totally different. But does this distinction imply that males are inherently good or ladies are inherently evil? No. And that is why whenever you have a look at one of the verses within the Qur’an that sheds mild on this facet, God says, recounting His creation, that He is the One Who created the night time, because it envelops, because it comes – if you happen to have a look at the horizon, it comes like a sheet enveloping the horizon – and He is the One Who created the day because it comes bursting, shining, – that’s how Sun rises and He is the One Who created female and male. And then the subsequent verse says, verily, what you try for – human beings are into totally different ends, various ends – some try for God’s pleasure, some try for disobedience of God, some try to do good to people, some try to do hurt, totally different ends. But what’s the instance right here? God mentions night time and day after which mentions female and male. The understanding is, sure,night time has a objective, and within the Qur’an you all the time discover verse after verse, describing that night time has a knowledge behind it. And additionally it tells humanity that had it been solely night time and no day human beings couldn’t reside on earth. And that is now proven scientifically that if it was solely night time and there was no daylight, sure hormones of physique wouldn’t be capable of reproduce and human beings would die.

Life as we all know it on earth wouldn’t exist. And likewise, day has its wisdoms behind it. But can one argue and say, that night time is nice and day is evil? No, and no Muslim would consider that. And can one argue and say that day is nice and night time is evil? No. Likewise, female and male even have their roles to play. But can one say that the function of males is inherently good and the function of ladies is


inherently evil? No. And can one say the alternative to that – the function of ladies is inherently good and the function of males is inherently evil? No. But they each have a job.

This is the principle competition now between western thought and Islamic perception. Western thought has mainly accepted, aside from possibly some few corners maybe within the Vatican or so, that women and men share of their humanity and that they’re the identical. Muslims have believed this for 1400 years. But the distinction is that in western thought, as a response to the preliminary thought that girls didn’t share humanity totally, the argument is that the roles of women and men in society are solely outlined by tradition, setting and upbringing, subsequently there’s actually no true function for males and no true function for ladies and that we will swap this, if we simply educate the society accurately.

But in Islam there’s a outlined function for males and an outlined function for ladies. Who is the one who defines this function for women and men? It’s their creator. This is the foremost, if you wish to use the time period philosophical, despite the fact that it’s an inaccurate time period in that sense, however we will simply use if for the dearth of higher time period, philosophical, ideological or theological distinction between the 2 opposing arguments. Now with that stated, you will need to perceive that when Islam gave these roles to women and men alike, it put tasks equal to obligations to each.

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I will provide you with an instance for that: Islam senses that girls have the character of mom not by cultural custom or by sociological system however inherently are higher in offering and taking care of the offspring, that there’s a bond there which fits past custom. A psychological bonding, a bodily bonding, one thing which is extra than simply traditions of human beings. As a outcome of that it has positioned better tasks upon ladies in direction of their youngsters are then these of males.

At the identical time, the obligations that youngsters have in direction of their mom in Islam is larger than they’ve in direction of their fathers, and that is why when the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) was requested by a person one was his companions “Who should I befriend in this world?” The prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) replied “your mother.” And then the person requested a second time, and the prophet replied your mom, after which a 3rd time, and once more he replied your mom, and on the fourth time, he stated “your father”. Likewise within the Qur’an we discover that it tells human beings that your mom bore you from one hardship to the opposite hardship, speaking concerning the labors and difficulties of being pregnant and childhood, after which fed you for 2 years, suckled you, and tells us to be type to our dad and mom and reminds us of our mom first earlier than our fathers.

The level is that despite the fact that it has outlined a job for ladies with the youngsters which is totally different than the function of the daddy, on the identical time it provides ladies honor and respect from their youngsters which is larger than that obtained by the fathers. The fathers do obtain respect and their honor, they aren’t simply thrown out of the image, however it’s given to them and in keeping with the diploma of their duty. And likewise, as a result of the mom inherently, not simply because of cultural custom, has one thing inherent which makes that bond better between her and her youngster then the male. She receives a better honor and respect from the kid and on the identical time she is required to offer a better obligation.

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I solely gave that for instance to indicate you that whereas Islam acknowledges variations between the sexes, it doesn’t settle for the idea that gender is simply a problem of upbringing or cultural traditions, for there are inherent variations in women and men, and in consequence of that the obligations and tasks of every of the 2 sexes are collectively. Imported from that’s one other matter that despite the fact that women and men are totally different, they aren’t in opposition to 1 one other, which is the idea of a lot of the western thought and particularly of feminist traditions. That there is a battle between women and men, “There is a battle of sexes”, as it’s typically stated within the standard type of designation. This does not exist in Islam. Men and ladies work in tandem, similar to day and night time revolve, and you reside in day time and you reside in night time time.

You can’t reside solely in night time, and you can’t reside solely in day, likewise, women and men usually are not in opposition to each other, they aren’t pitted in opposition to each other however quite they share in the identical goal, the identical objective of being, the identical humanity. They have totally different roles, however these roles complement each other and are wanted by each other to ensure that the success of humanity, not on this world, but in addition – of course since Muslims consider within the hereafter- within the hereafter, which is the last word aim for Muslims.

Now, I wish to make one closing remark after which I’ll depart it open for questions. Let’s have a look at the applicabilities of each of these applications. We mentioned rather a lot of concepts, ideas and beliefs and historic ideas, however when they’re really utilized, which of the 2 view factors is extra profitable. Which brings extra bliss to humanity? Is it the secular western view or is it the Islamic view? And I’ve a concrete instance which I’d prefer to share with you. When I used to be in Beijing this final summer time for the UN 4th world convention on the ladies, there was a platform for motion which was being mentioned by the totally different nations and organizations there. The goal of the platform for motion was to upraise, uplift, and to embetter the standing of ladies all over the world, that are of course noble and proper goals, there isn’t a competition regarding that. The platform for motion was divided into totally different areas of concentrations, corresponding to poverty, well being, funds, conflicts and violence and so forth, and one of it was a lady youngster. The twelfth challenge of the 12 involved areas for the platform for motion, the lady youngster, the standing of women – future ladies – on the planet right this moment.

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The nation which was internet hosting the convention, China is thought for the follow of killing women. The purpose why is as a result of of their inhabitants. You can solely have one youngster per couple and Chinese by their custom view males as fewer then females and so in consequence they may normally kill the feminine youngster, in hope that the spouse provides start to a boy.

This is a matter which exists and since the hosts had been the Chinese, the United Nations did not actually wish to get into this challenge. They did not wish to discuss it as a result of it was not politically appropriate to handle that challenge in China. Moreover, despite the fact that they could have handed sure laws, platforms for actions and sure commitments which they’ve required of residents of the world to observe, they on the finish will see that maybe in twenty-5 to fifty years the standing of the world youngster is not going to have markedly improved.

We can see from different issues, one of the foremost points which the United Nations was created for after World War II, was the slaughter of so many million human beings, six million Jews in Europe, and but fifty years later, within the yr of the fiftieth celebration of the UN, a genocide has taken place in Europe of the Bosnians. All the human rights, all of the declarations within the final fifty years has not been capable of change something on the bottom. Now when the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) was despatched to the Arabs, the Arabs had the identical follow. They used to kill their lady youngsters. The Arabs killed their women for a quantity of causes, most of the time because of poverty. Being a desert peopl

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e with out business or any type of means of commerce, existence was very minimal. And in consequence, out of worry of poverty they might kill their lady youngsters, and they might bury them alive. This is a truth which is talked about within the Qur’an and was well-known throughout the time of the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam). God condemns within the Qur’an with verses, the concept of killing of the lady youngster, the burying within the floor, and in addition the attitudes of the Arabs in direction of women. One verse within the Qur’an says that “when he is given the good news that his wife is given birth.” God calls it a excellent news, ” – to a female child, a girl – his face becomes blackened and he becomes ashamed. Will he hide the fact “that he has given start to a lady and never inform the individuals, as a result of he feels it as a disgrace. “Or will he bury it in the ground”, this can be a condemnation of the follow of the individuals.

And likewise the companions of the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) earlier than they accepted Islam, many of them killed their lady youngsters. One man got here to prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) and stated I killed ten of my daughters in my lifetime, will I obtain paradise? For will God settle for my repentance for this sin, now that I’ve left this pagan faith of earlier than, worshipping idols and killing lady youngsters and so forth. Within one era, inside 23 years this was how lengthy the prophet was amongst the Arabs, the follow of killing women ended. It now not existed in Arabia. And likewise, it did not simply cease like that, however a change in angle got here in direction of ladies, in educating them and making morally upright individuals.

People obtain no different reward, however paradise. Again that’s the best goal for the Muslim and that’s their motivation and purpose of being. So Islam not solely tried eradicating the adverse facet of murdering women, but in addition included the constructive facet of educating women and elevating them in society, and this brings me to my closing level.


This is one thing of course which we will have a look at the earlier declarations of human rights or no matter, irrespective of whether or not these being true or false, however they haven’t been capable of obtain the goals which they’ve said. As the instance of human rights and the UN in Bosnia reveals. Fifty years after the creation of the UN, there isn’t a change in Europe, the identical land which killed six million Jews.

The identical genocide of the Bosnians happens fifty years later by the identical individuals who began the UN. They are unable to cease their very own from this matter, and with this I come to my closing level, that I wish to depart you with. Islamic civilization in contrast to some other civilization relies, of course on revelation, however it’s in its essence supported and based by ladies.

The first individual to consider in Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) was his spouse Khadeejah, and it was by her cash and thru her assist of him, her monetary backing, and in addition her encouragement that the prophet was capable of unfold the message of Islam in his first yr of prophecy. The pagans didn’t have the concepts of freedom of faith, you could take your individual beliefs. This was not practiced by the pagans of Arabia – they noticed this as an riot, they noticed this as a altering of their methods, so that they sought to cease it out by torture, by killing and by all different signifies that they might.

Develop Your Financial IQ specific

And likewise, they tried to cease the Islamic revelation, this custom, when the prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) transformed solely the individuals of Arabia. But as you already know there are about one billion Muslims on the planet. They are in each single continent of the world, even in Beijing the place the UN was convening. There was a mosque there which is over a thousand years outdated. And the neighborhood that lives there’s about forty to fifty hundreds Muslims. Now the king’s palace, the forbidden metropolis in entrance of Tien Anh Man sq. which many of you may have heard of, is just 500 years outdated. This reveals how the expansion of Islam and the sprit of Islam isn’t just a Middle Eastern phenomenon or an Arabian phenomenon however extends to all individuals and races all through the world.

Where is that this instructing from, of course when prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) died after twenty three years Islam solely unfold in Arabia. This faith of Islam was mainly unfold by 4 or 5 people who had essentially the most in instructing. One of them was the prophet’s spouse `Aa’isha. She is among the many most to have narrated his statements and likewise she is amongst the three, 4, 5 who’ve largely given non secular pronouncements, who’ve given non secular verdicts, defined what these verses within the Qur’an meant or what the phrases of the prophet meant.

Look at some other civilization within the historical past of humanity, you’ll not discover a ladies taking part in a job in its institution the place it may be attributed to her efforts for its institution. The Greeks – have a look at the philosophers Plato, Aristotle and others – all had been males. The early church fathers writings had been mainly males and till right this moment the concept of ladies scholarship is restricted in some areas of the church. The French writers on the French revolution and Voltaire and the Russians had been males. The founding fathers of the United States had been males, and in addition different civilizations are mainly primarily based upon males.

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Islam is the one civilization which is thought by humanity the place a number one enter in phrases of its transmission and institution was primarily based upon the efforts of ladies. Central – and that is an historic matter which isn’t open to interpretation, it’s a truth – these are the individuals who transmitted these teachings these are the individuals who supported it hereafter. Those are just a few ideas and impressions regarding how Islam uplifted ladies.

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