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Take A Look Around You – Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister

You, my beloved sister, can see your Muslim sister while she is keeping with shameless magazines, mean fashion, and immoral television serials which a Muslim should be above watching, with lowly propagators all calling to the annihilation of the deen and morals. You can see your Muslim sister concerned with every hue and cry made to her by the callers of Shaytaan. Whereas, if the call to the truth is presented to her, she tries to silence it.

You find the Muslim woman occupied with memorization of poetry, romance, and ridiculous narratives that are written by none other than the most foolish of people. Whereas when it comes to the Book of her Rabb, she may only have memorized a few odd ayaat and if you ask her what they mean or about a hadeeth she will not be able to answer you.

This is precisely what the enemies of Islam want They want to distance our youth from the manhaj (way) of Allah and distance them from the source of light, honour, and elevation. They want them to preoccupy themselves with other than the Book of our Rabb and the sunnah of our Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) because without them we are nothing! They want to make those of us who are cherished by this deen, follow them and be their adherents when it is they who Allah has humiliated and scorned.

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We so regretfully find that the majority of our youth are not highly cognizant or knowledgable of deen. So what is the reason for this?! It is precise because of their substitution of that learning for the education and ideas which have come to us from the west, and they coincide with their desires and lusts so that they do not look elsewhere.

My sister, the invasion of these ideas upon our intellects and conceptions has had an influence and is manifested in many Muslim women and has changed their understanding. So many women now find the salaah such a heavy burden that when they are called by the caller to the truth to hurry to the salaah you see one of them standing around as if lead-footed and moving so lazily you would think the weight of the mountains of the world was upon her head!

However if there is a wedding or a party or a gathering for tea you will find her rushing to it and getting ready in the best and most beautiful outfits. She longs for the get-together in which may indeed be surrounded by the shayateen and permeated with back-biting, gossip, and mangling peoples honor.

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My sister, you will find most of the young women of Islam wasting their time on things that are of no benefit. You may find one of them spending hours before the mirror dolling herself up but if you watch her salaah she flies through it like the pecking of a crow! Does she not know that her beauty, magnificence, and happiness is not in her skin, appearance or hairstyle? By Allah, it is rather in her taqwaa, her righteousness, her eemaan, and preservation of her morality, deen and hayaa.

Culled from the Book title: I Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister…Will You Not Respond? by Nawaal Bint Abdullah

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