What A Difference! – Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister

My Sister: Where is that young woman upon whom you see hayaa written all over to the point where it practically speaks to you because of her outer appearance, her bashfulness, and complete covering where she is on guard not to reveal even a finger fearing to reveal any part of her body or the tone of her skin or any of her physical charms? If you were to see her you would consider her like a black crow for her decorum and striving to maintain the hijaab.

The image of this modest young lady is such a stark contrast and contrary to the one who is made-up and leaves her home or school or workplace while at the height of adornment and peak beautification. She wears enticing clothing with nothing over it except a short abaayah (a lightweight over-garment usually black in colour commonly worn by women in Gulf countries – Ed.) or a long one. However, it is no concern to her if it flies open in the wind on occasion or if she purposely lifts it up on another. She may even go out with a head covering that she uses to cover her face but it is sometimes so thin that the colours of her face show through or so tight to the face that the contours of her nose or her cheeks are visible.

Why I Write - Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister

She goes out adorned with gold jewellery and displays it up her forearms or on her hands which are also decorated with henna or with a manicure that she proudly shows to the people around her, not thinking that Allah is watching her from above the seven heavens!

What a difference between these two women! What a contrast between the one who adheres to the legislation of her Rabb and safeguards herself, her hijaab and her hayaa’, and the one who neglects the matters of her religion and follows the ways of her enemies! What a difference between those who see that the hijaab is a part of deen and shariah and the means of her protection against filthiness, base qualities, and morass, and the one who views the hijaab as nothing but an antiquated custom. It is (to the latter) now no more than a sign of backwardness and regression. It is to her shackles that she must be released from so she can then be free to go on her way to ruin, disgrace and nudity.

Amazed, Bewildered, Astonished and Astounded – Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister

Culled from the Book title: I Appeal To Your Sense Of Shame My Muslim Sister…Will You Not Respond? by Nawaal Bint Abdullah

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