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      My beloved friends wealth remains behind on earth while ibadah(worship) accompanies you into the grave.” Don’t love too much wealth and forget about good deeds because the wealth you love with such passion will abandon you at the time of your death and your good deeds will be with you forever. 🕌🌹🤍

      My beloved friends share what you have with someone who has less than you. Use the Almighty’s Blessings wisely and try to cut back on some luxuries and things you don’t need. He will grant you much more.💞🌹😊

      🕌Note this my beloved friends👇🏿

      My beloved friends you want peace?
      Bow down to Allāh put your forehead on the ground.

      Talk to Allah and pour your heart out. Reflect, Regret and Repent 😌🕌

      My beloved friends the more you live with the Quran & ponder over it’s verses, the more your heart will find tranquillity & peace. Make the Qur’an your life.🤍🌹🕌

      🕌Good night my beloved friends we talk tomorrow ln sha Allah and don’t forget me in your duaz please🙏🏿🌹🕌

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