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Is Hijab (Veil) a Symbol of Oppression or Freedom?

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*Is Hijab (Veil) a Symbol of Oppression or Freedom?*

One of the Islamic symbols that has been partaking a lot consideration of the western world is the veil – the hijab (a scarf wrapped round a lady’s head to hide each wisp of hair). Veiling has grow to be, maybe greater than every other single concern, the defining “women’s question”.

The hijab has now grow to be essentially the most highly effective image of Muslim ladies’s rejection of western notions of feminism. These empowered and educated ladies are utilizing the hijab to articulate a new response to modernity.


The hijab additionally expresses a translational type of Islamic feminism that has been marked by the entry of ladies into all public spheres of Islamic life together with formal spiritual studying.

The western discourse has persistently argued that the hijab isn’t a image of freedom, however one of oppression. It believes that the ladies in Islam are second class residents and that this standing is encoded in each sacred textual content and custom, enforced by tradition and legislation.

If you browse the western media’s information tales or polls and research, they consistently strip the exercise of a Muslim lady right down to her hijab or apparel. Have we forgotten that lower than 100 years in the past American ladies have been denied the freedoms and entry that we now take without any consideration and promote as common human rights?

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But analysis means that opposite to western notions, Muslim ladies select to put on the hijab as a method of displaying self-control, energy and company. Many well-educated ladies working in prestigious posts put on it.

In reality, they put on it not as a image of management by a man, however quite to advertise their very own feminist beliefs. For many Muslim ladies, sporting a hijab affords a method for them to take management of their our bodies and problem the methods wherein ladies are marginalized by males. They justify sporting the hijab, as a public assertion of their very own non secular quest.

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Prophet Muhammad stated, “Every religion has a chief characteristic, and the chief characteristic of Islam is modesty.” In Islam, modesty is a advantage for each women and men. When the Quran tells believers to decrease their lustful gazes and guard their chastity, it begins by commanding this to males earlier than ladies (Quran 24:30-31).

A lady’s apparel has by no means been about notion, it’s solely a matter of interpretation. What will get misplaced within the midst of such interpretive crossfire is the core message that girls shouldn’t be objectified.

Modesty isn’t uniquely an Islamic requirement. It can be expressed in different monotheistic religions. For instance, ultra-orthodox Jewish ladies put on wigs to cowl their hair. Nuns put on apostolniks as a signal of their spiritual consecration. Episcopalian ladies are purported to put on hats to church.

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The Quranic view of the best society is that the social and ethical values must be upheld by each Muslim women and men and there may be justice for all. The Quran asks the ladies that they behave with dignity and decorum befitting a safe, self-respecting and self-aware human being quite than an insecure feminine who feels that her survival is dependent upon her means to draw or cajole these males who’re not in her persona however solely in her sexuality.

For ladies who observe hijab, it’s not merely a piece of fabric, nor a image of defiance. Rather, it’s a path that aids in self-purification and nearness to their creator. It is a means to inculcate modesty. A veil is seen as a real expression of a lady’s religiosity.

We can not solid the alternatives of the tons of of hundreds of thousands of ladies who’ve worn the headband as by some means invalid, irrational, fallacious, or backwards. Just as ladies needs to be free and empowered to decide on to not put on the hijab, they have to even be free and empowered to put on it, if that’s what they need.

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