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Banu Nadeer

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Banu Nadeer.

Banu Nadeer were Jews who resided at Madina. Muhammad (peace be on him) entered into a pact of alliance with them. The Jews in spite of their pact with the Muslims resorted to intrigues. They opened secret negotiations with the Quraish against the Muslims. They deliberately mispronounced the sacred words of the Holy Quran in order to pervert their meanings. The Jewish poets wrote satirical poems against Islam and The Holy Prophet.

Tragedy of Bir Ma’una.

On the invitation of certain tribes, the Holy Prophet sent them a party of seventy missionaries to teach them the precepts of Islam. Before these men could reach their destination they were waylaid, and martyred by the tribes of Banu Sulaym. 

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Onlyone man Amr b Umayya escaped the tragedy of Bir Ma una. While returning to Madina, he met two men of Banu ‘Amir, and thinking that they were enemies killed them. Banu ‘Amir were however allied with the Muslims and Banu Nadeer, and the Muslims and the Jews had to pay the blood money of the two men who had been killed by ‘Amr under a mistake.

Holy Prophet’s visit to Banu Nadeer.

The Holy Prophet decided to pay indemnity to Hanu ‘Amir. He along with his companions including Abu Bakr went to the quarter of Banu Nadeer, and asked them to pay their share of the indemnity in accordance with the terms of their alliance.

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The Jews expressed their readiness to pay their share. They made the Holy Prophet and his companions sit under a high wall, and deputed a Jew to throw a big stone on the Holy Prophet from the top of the wall. It was revealed to the Holy Prophet that the Jews meant mischief. Immediately he rose from his seat and left for Madina.

Expulsion of Banu Nadeer.

On this treachery of Banu Nadeer, the Holy Prophet served an ultimatum on them to leave Madina within ten days. Abdullah b Ubayya, the leader of the hypocrites asked the Jews to put up a fight against the Muslims and assured them of his help. After the expiry of ten days, the Holy Prophet mustered a force including Abu Bakr and marched to the quarter of Banu Nadeer. 

TheBanu Nadeer shut themselves in their strongholds, and waited for help from the hypocrites. No help came and after a fortnight, the Banu Nadeer surrendered, and asked for terms. They were asked to leave Madina, and could take away whatever movable property, other than arms, they could carry. They pulled down their houses with their own hands and left for Khyber. Whatever property was left by them was distributed among the Muslims.

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