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    • nurayn

      Ja`far al-Ṣadiq:

      إن الله تعالى أراد بنا شيئا وأراد منا شيئا فما أراده بنا طواه عنا وما أراده منا أظهره لنا فما بالنا نشتغل بما أراده بنا عما أراده منا

      Allaah the Exalted, has decreed for us some things and demands from us some things.

      What he has decreed for us has been kept hidden from us, and what he wants from us has been made plain to us.

      What is the matter with us that we busy ourselves with what is decreed for us at the expense of what is demanded from us?!

      ● [al-Milal wal-Niḥal (v. 1, p. 165)]

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