An 8-year old child was seated at the corner of a mosque with his younger sister. He was deeply engrossed in prayers. Making dua’a to Allah (Sub-haanahu wata’aala).

He was wearing very old clothes with patches here & there, but they were very clean. His cheeks were wet with his tears. The passers by were looking at him, but nobody bothered to stop, even the little boy was busy talking to his Rabb.

A stranger went to him, caught his hand & asked him ‘what did you ask from Allah?’

The little boy looked up & said, ‘My dad is no more, I’m praying for Jannah for him.
My mother always keeps crying, I am asking Allah to give her patience.
My sister always cries for clothes, I want money for her.’
The stranger asked ‘do you go to school?’
The boy replied, ‘yes’
‘In which grade do you study?’
The boy said, ‘I don’t go there to study, my mother makes boiled chickpeas & I go there to sell that. Many school kids buy from me. That is how we survive. ‘

Poetry in the Time of Caliph Abu Bakr

Every single word of this little boy was touching my soul.
Don’t you have any relatives? I asked as a stranger.
‘My mom says the poor have no relatives. My mom always speaks the truth. But sometimes when she serves us food & when we ask her to eat with us, she would say she had finished her meal. At that time I can see that she is not speaking the truth. ‘

‘If someone takes care of your school fees, will you study?’ I asked
‘Never’ was the quick reply. ‘Educated people hate the poor. None of the literates here have bothered to talk to us & tried to help us. All these people knew my dad, but they don’t want to know us. ‘

Social Organization Under Caliph Abu Bakr

The little one was now weeping. ‘Uncle when A father dies, every single person whom you know becomes a stranger.’
I had no reply. My heart was weeping. It was a very bitter reality. Nobody realizes the effect big tragedies can have on innocent minds. It was a very huge loss for the little one.

There are so many such children who cannot get the basic needs.
Every day they kill their desires & try to survive in this bad, selfish world.

I request us all to look around us & try to find such needy children & help them lead a decent life. Impact in their lives even if it is with a bag of pure water..

Zaynab Bint Muhammad - Muhammad's Daughter

People donate to mosques & madrasas (Islamic Schools). That is very good and rewarding..But before we give to schools or mosques, let look around us for such hard working sincere people who need it more than anyone else.

Kindly start with those kind of people around before reaching out to those who are far away.. imagine if we all do that, the world will be a better place In-sha-Allah.

Share this message as much as possible to awake our consciousness of these innocent children/orphans.
This might bring about a change in people & society.

May Allāh (Sub-haanahu wata’aala) help all the Muslims who are suffering all over the world.

Abdullah ibn Muhammad - Muhammad's Son

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