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Medicines Not Found In Pharmacies

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i. Exercise is Medicine.
ii. Fasting is Medicine.
iii. Natural food is Medicine.
iv. Laughter is Medicine.
v. Vegetables Are Medicine.
vi. Sleep is Medicine.
vii. Sunlight is Medicine.
viii. Loving someone is Medicine.
ix. Being loved is Medicine.
x. Gratitude is Medicine.
xi. Letting go of offense (forbearance) is Medicine.
xii. Meditation is Medicine.
xiii. Reading and Studying God’s Words is Medicine.
xiv. Eating right and right on time is Medicine.
xv. Thinking right and Right thinking with the right type of Mindset is Medicine.
xvi. Trusting and Believing in God is Medicine
xvii. Good Friends are Medicine.
xvii. Forgiveness and forgiving others are Medicine.
xix. Drinking a lot of water is medicine. xx. A peaceful heart is Medicine.

Take enough of these medicines and you’ll rarely need the ones in Pharmacies.

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