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Prophet Muhammad as a Youth

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Muhammad (PBUH) was well known for his good manners and honesty. He was known as Al-Sadiq (The truthful one) and Al-Amin (The trustworthy one).

There are many stories related to Muhammad’s youth. These stories tell us how he used to take the sheep to graze and was always kind to them. While they grazed he would sit thinking about the mysteries of nature. Unlike those around him, he never worshipped the idols and never swore by them.

He also wondered why people were always struggling for power and money. He was a quiet, thoughtful boy, and rarely played with other boys of his age. On one occasion, however, Muhammad (PBUH) went with some of the boys to a wedding in Makkah. When he reached the house he heard the sounds of music and dancing but just as he was about to enter he suddenly felt tired; which made him sit down and fall asleep. He did not wake up until late the next morning and thus missed the celebrations. In this way Allah prevented him from doing anything foolish for He was keeping Muhammad (PBUH) for something much more important.

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He (PBUH) used to spend many quiet hours in a cave of Mountain Hira, not far from Makkah, thinking about Allah.

At a very young age, He (PBUH) used to go to business trips to Syria with His uncle Abu Talib. At the age of 12, he went to Busra where He met Buhaira who recognized him as a prophet and advised Abu Talib to take him back for his safety.

Among Quraysh, there was a respected and wealthy woman named Khadijah. She was involved in trade. On hearing about Muhammad’s reputation, she asked him to take the charge of his goods and trade with them in Syria. Muhammad (PBUH) agreed and left for Syria with one of Khadijah’s caravans. With him went her slave, Maysarah, and they spent a great deal of time talking together.

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Maysarah soon came to admire Muhammad (PBUH). She thought he was quite different from all the other men of Quraysh. On coming back from the trade trip, she gave out the details of their expedition to Khadija who became impressed by Muhammad (PBUH) and proposed him for marriage. Muhammad (PBUH) accepted the proposal and got married at the age of 25 while Khadija was 40 years old widow.

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