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Story of Clearing Misunderstandings

islamship bannere

A Bedouin entered Masjid-e-Nabwi in Madina. He was looking for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to get some money or jewels. Prophet (PBUH) was sitting with His companions. He explained his need and asked for some money. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave him a little amount.

He was expecting a lot more, and being disappointed started bad mouthing. The companions of Muhammad were very furious at the man and wanted to punish him. Muhammad (PBUH), however, asked them to be patient and took that man to His house. He offered to give him some more money. Bedouin witnessed that Muhammad (PBUH), being the leader of Muslims, was not like other tribal rulers and was living a life of simplicity without any luxury. After seeing this, Bedouin understood and became happy with what he got.

Then, Muhammad (PBUH) asked, “You said a harsh word yesterday, which caused anger in my companions. I fear that they will hurt you. Would you be willing to show your appreciation in front of them, so that their anger is resolved, and they don’t hurt you?” He agreed to this.

The next day, he once again entered Masjid-e-Nabwi. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) addressed everyone that this man is very content with his received money, and Bedouin repeated his words of appreciation for the Prophet (PBUH). This made the companions very relaxed and satisfied.

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