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The app failure that ended in a chaotic 2020 Iowa caucus was a reminder of how inclined the democratic path of is to technological considerations—even with out any malicious out of doors intervention. Some distance extra subtle foreign hacking continues to strive to disrupt democracy, as a uncommon joint federal company warning steered prior to Pleasant Tuesday. Russia’s strive to intervene in the 2016 election has already revealed how this can happen: social media disinformation, email hacking and probing of voter registration programs.
'Internet of things' could be an unseen threat to elections
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The “darkish web”—a assortment of heavily encrypted online page, forums and social networks—notoriously gives areas for illegal actions. It is where child sexual offenders meet to red meat up every other and share low pictures and advice on abuse ways—with method-complete anonymity. This gives a resource for folk to learn the “talents” to alter into more dangerous offenders.
Dark web study reveals how new offenders get involved in online pedophile communities
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LSU’s Manship School of Mass Verbal replace professor Leonard Apcar is relaunching a web pronounce designed to combination news, evaluation and study about untrue news and disinformation for faculty students, lecturers and citizens to defend themselves in opposition to misinformation.
LSU professor relaunches fake news and disinformation resource website
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