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Will Allah Forgive Me?

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Will Allah accept me ?! 😢

Yes He will

How about all of my bad deeds ?! 😢

Don’t worry He will forgive you ❤

But my mistakes are so many and I have huge sins 😢

Allah ‘s mercy is huger and greater than you could imagine…He is All merciful ❤

Are you sure He will accept me ?😢

Sure He will ❤

What if I m lost in this world ?😢

He will guide you and put you back on His right path ❤

But I m so weak and helpless 😢

With Allah you are strong ❤

Will He accept me ?😢

Yes He will ❤

My heart is empty and so dark 😢

He will fill it with love and peace will lighten it up ❤

But the devil is a clever deceiver How can I escape him ?😢

Don’t worry devil is weak and Allah will protect you

How about all my sorrows and pain ?! 😢

Allah will make it vanish and replace it with joy
and peace ❤

Will Allah accept me ?😢

Yes He will ❤

Just remember to turn to Him ,always repent and seek forgiveness ❤️

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