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Not all divorced ladies are to be married, a few of them had been shaytans of their earlier marriages and they’ll break you.

And not all single single sisters are to be married, a few of them are nuclear weapons ready to detonate.

But when trying for a sister upon the Deen, simply ensure you are usually not going to break her life with vanity and ignorance.

There is one peculiar factor it is best to look out for when seeking to marry a sister upon the Deen.

She has the first traits of a believer.

{ إِنَّمَا كَانَ قَوۡلَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنِينَ إِذَا دُعُوٓاْ إِلَى ٱللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِۦ لِيَحۡكُمَ بَيۡنَهُمۡ أَن يَقُولُواْ سَمِعۡنَا وَأَطَعۡنَاۚ وَأُوْلَٰٓئِكَ هُمُ ٱلۡمُفۡلِحُونَ }

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[Surah An-Nûr: 51]

Sahih International:

“The only statement of the [true] believers when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them is that they say, “We hear and we obey.” And those are the successful.”

Not the one who hears and is boastful, argumentative, snobbish,reminds you of your individual sins or tells you to not decide her.

Such sisters even when she is unaware of her Deen, she is keen to be taught to avoid wasting herself,her household from the hearth.

This formulation helped me land the perfect believing lady and the identical formulation for subsequent extra spouse.

And this formulation is relevant to the sisters trying for a brother upon the Deen as properly.

And please ensure you are a brother or a sister with this main traits as properly, imbibe it inside, dwell with it, everytime you hear Allah and his messenger say one thing, you shortly submit earlier than you move and break any person’s son or daughter’s life.

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Develop Your Financial IQ specific

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