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 Sarcopenia. is the lack of skeletal muscle mass and power because of ageing.

It is a horrible situation.

Let’s discover sarcopenia !

Title: “Slowly Use Your Functional Muscles”

1. To develop a behavior of having the ability to stand … simply don’t sit!  … and don’t lie down in the event you can sit!

2. After the age of fifty~60, it’s not attainable to shed weight, particularly if you don’t train and depend on consuming much less to shed weight!  

Because if all of the muscle groups are misplaced, it may be  very harmful!

3. Does working, biking or climbing damage the knee?

If you’ve got by no means exercised earlier than you possibly can solely move working, biking, or climbing in your thoughts as it should damage your knees lots!  

But if in case you have sufficient muscle power and slowly develop the behavior of working, biking, and climbing, it may be a very good train and never damage your knees!  Whether you damage your knees or not is dependent upon your muscle power!

4. If an aged particular person is sick and hospitalized, do not ask him to relaxation extra … or lie down and calm down and never get off the bed!

Simple Habits of Greatness

Lying down for every week loses at the least 5% of muscle mass !  

And the previous man cannot get his muscle groups again !

5. Don’t assume that you’re filial by not letting the elders do any house responsibilities, and scold the maid in the event that they do it !

Usually, many aged individuals who rent helpers lose muscle sooner !

6. Don’t simply do a single exercise every single day whenever you move to the park.

Dont simply shake your fingers when you can too shake your legs. You should additionally pull the horizontal bar or transfer each sports activities gear!

Simple Habits of Greatness

Because so long as an individual strikes, then all of the muscle groups of entire physique will probably be concerned!  

Many aged individuals even have problem swallowing due to inadequate train!  

In the tip, they may not even cough up a mouthful of sputum and die due to this!

7. Sarcopenia is extra terrifying than osteoporosis !

With osteoporosis you simply have to be cautious to not fall, whereas sarcopenia not solely impacts the standard of life but additionally causes excessive blood sugar attributable to inadequate muscle mass!

8. The quickest lack of sarcopenia is within the muscle of the legs!

You Can Do It

Because when an individual sits or lie down, the legs should not shifting and the muscle power of the legs are affected … that is significantly essential !  

Don’t change into black toes !  

So squat at the least 20 to 30 instances a day.

Squat isn’t squatting down however like sitting on the bathroom seat … you should use a chair and get up when your butt touches the seat!

TAIWAN’s superior medical system even have medical insurance however on common the aged in Taiwan spend 8 years in a wheelchair till they lie in mattress earlier than they die!  

And you do not wish to have eight years of previous age when the standard of life is so poor!

You MUST take note of sarcopenia!

Go up & down stairs … working, biking and climbing are all nice workouts and may enhance muscle mass!

For a greater high quality of life for everybody in previous age …

Move… do not waste your muscle!!

*Aging   begins   from  the  toes  upwards !*


As  we   put   on  years  &  maintain   getting   previous   on  a  day by day  foundation ,   our  toes  should   at all times   stay energetic & robust.

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As  we  are continually   ageing / get aged,  we  shouldn’t  be  afraid  of  our  hair  turning   gray (or) pores and skin  sagging ( or) wrinkles on face.

Among  the  indicators  of *longevity*, lengthy match life as summarized  by the  well-liked US Magazine  ” Prevention “, robust  leg   muscle groups  are listed  on  the   high,  as  *the  most  essential & important  one.*

Please stroll day by day.

If   you  don’t transfer your  legs for simply two  weeks,  your actual leg  power  will  lower  by 10  years.

*Just stroll*

A  research  from  the University of Copenhagen in  Denmark  discovered  that each previous & younger, throughout  the  two   weeks  of  *inactivity*,  the  legs  muscle  power can *weaken by a  third* which is equal  to   20-30  years  of  ageing !!

Success Habits

*So simply stroll*

As  our  leg  muscle groups weaken, it  will  take an extended  time  to  recuperate, even when  we  do rehabilitation  & workouts,  later.


Therefore, *common train like strolling, is essential*.

The  entire   physique weight/ load  stays  and  relaxation  on  the  legs.

The *toes  are a  sort  of pillars*, bearing  your entire weight  of  the  human  physique.

*Walk on a regular basis.*

Interestingly,  50%  of a  particular person’s  bones & 50%  of  the   muscle groups, are  in  the  two  legs.

*Do stroll*

The  largest &  strongest  joints & bones  of  the   human physique   are  additionally  in  the  legs.

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*10K steps / day*

Strong   bones, robust  muscle groups  and versatile   joints   type  the *Iron  Triangle*   that  carries  the  most essential   load   i.e.  *the  human  physique.”*

70%  of  human activity and burning  of energy in  one’s  life  is done  by  the  two  feet.

Do  you  know  this ? When a  person  is  young,   his/ her  *thighs have  enough  strength , to lift  a  small car of  800 kg !*

The *foot  is  the center of  body locomotion*.

Both  the   legs together  have  50%   of the   nerves    of   the  human  body,  50%   of  the   blood  vessels  and  50%  of   the   blood   is flowing  through   them.

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It  is  the  largest  circulatory  network  that connects  the   body.

*So walk daily.*

Only *when  the feet are  healthy then  the convention current  of blood  flows ,  smoothly,   so  people who  have  strong  leg muscles  will  definitely have  a strong  heart.* Walk.

Aging  starts  from  the  feet  upwards

As  a   person  gets older, the  accuracy & speed  of  transmission  of instructions   between the  brain and   the  legs decreases, unlike  when a  person  is  young. *Please walk*

In   addition,   the   so-called   Bone  Fertilizer Calcium will  sooner  or later  be  lost  with  the passage  of  time,  making  the   elderly  more  prone  to   bone fractures. *WALK.*

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Bone  fractures  in  the  elderly   can  easily  trigger  a  series   of complications, especially  fatal  diseases   such  as   brain   thrombosis.

Do  you   know   that 15% of elderly  patients   generally, will  die  max. within  a  year  of   a  thigh-bone   fracture !! *Walk daily without fail*

*Exercising  the legs,   is   never  too  late, even  after   the  age  of 60  years.*

Although   our   feet/legs  will   gradually   age with    time,  exercising  our  feet/ legs  is  a  life-long  task.  

*Walk 10,000 steps*

Only  by regular strengthening   the  legs, one   can   prevent   or reduce  further  aging. *Walk 365 days*

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Please  walk  for at  least 30-40  minutes   daily   to  ensure   that   your   legs  receive   sufficient   exercise and  to  ensure  that  your  leg  muscles remain healthy.

*You  should   share  this  important  information  with  all  your  40+years”  mates & household  members, as everybody  is  ageing  on  a  day by day  foundation*

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