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Qiyamullail Literally Means Standing During The Night. It Is Any  Voluntary Prayer Which Is Offered Between The Ishai And Fajr Prayer With The Intention To Observe Qiyaamullail. It Is Not A Prerequisite To Sleep First In Order To Observe Qiyaamullail.


If One Is Unable To Get Up For Tahjuud, If They Wish They May Perform Some Optional Prayer To Make Up For What Was Missed, Preferably After Sunrise Before Midday. By Doing This, One Will Obtain The Reward Of Tahjuud In’Shaa ALlaah. It Should Be Kept In Mind That Making Up For Missed Nafl Prayers Is Not Binding, But Is Praiseworthy.

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Umar ibn Khattob(RodhiyALlaahu Anhu) Reported That Rosulullaah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam Said, “Should Anyone Fall Asleep At Night And Fail To Recite His Portion Of The Qur’an, Or A Part Of It, If He Recites It Between The Fajr Prayer And The Dhur Prayer, It Will Be Recorded For Him As Though He Had Recited It During The Night”.

{Sahih Muslim }

Aisha (RodhiyALlaahu Anha) Narrates, “When The Messenger Of ALlaah  Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam Missed The Optional Night Salat (Tahjuud) Due To Pain Or Any Other Reason, He Would Perform Twelve Raka’ah During The Day Time”.

{Sahih Muslim }.

Manners Of Making Up Of Missed Night Prayer During The Day Is Different From The Night, That Is To Say We Accomplish It With An Even Number Not An Odd Number, In Accordance With The Hadith Of The Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam Who Prays Eleven Raka’ah At Night But When He Misses It, He Prays Twelve Rak’ah In The Day ,

 Ya’ani He Who Has A Habit Of Praying THREE Rak’ah At Night Will Make Up For It With Four Raka’ah And Who Has A Habit Of Praying Five Raka’ah Including Witr Will Make Up For It By Six…

Whoever Fears That He Will Not Be Able To Get Up For The Night Prayer In The Last Part Of The Night, Then Let Him Pray In The FIRST Part Of It. And Whoever Desires To PRAY In The LAST PART Of It, Then Let Him Perform The Witr In The Last Part Of The Night, For Indeed Praying In The LAST PART OF  The NIGHT  Is WITNESSED (by the angels), And That Is Better.

[Reported by Muslim and others. As-Saheehah (2610)]

To Be Read After Witr

Subhaana-l Maliki l Quduus (3×) After Praying Witr, Rosulullaah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam  Would Say [the above] And Would Raise And Extend His Voice The Third Time.


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