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The Fantastic Five(5) of Marriage (Nikah)

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Quick Bite Series – Marital Matters – The Fantastic Five(5)

Are these sets of people who refuse to marry early right in their perspective or marrying early is preferable? Here are the fantastic five(5) why it is preferable

1. Gravitational Life Balance: Many young folks at the age of 20s are in a constant flux of discovering themselves.
During this time, having some close they can discuss and share their thought will be more soothing and relaxing. Some more close and understand the turbulence can help calm the storm without.

2. It gives a better chance of establishing good compatibility

Let’s take a look around at the rising number of early divorces. The most common reason is that the two ‘people’ had developed into mature ‘individuals’ when they got married with some very rigid mindsets/ habits. It becomes harder for them to break their mold despite trying their best. On the contrary, getting married early means you are with your spouse during the process of evolving psychologically . During this time, overcoming your personal habits or thinking patterns for creating a greater degree of compatibility seems easier.

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3. You become more energetic parent

Parents today constantly struggle to keep-up with the younger mindsets and stamina of kids, while getting married early means you are likely to have kids when your health is at its robust best, with optimal hormonal balance, helping you take upon the more challenging aspects of parenting.

4. You look younger for longer
Just a glance at my Mum, yes, I mean my Mum (Men must lower their gaze pls. soq) and instantly you will realize how early parenting can help a lady in preserving her youth longer. It is an established fact that post 30s, the most critical of sexual and reproductive hormones in a lady start diminishing steadily. Thus, becoming a parent early, means giving your body a better shot at comprehensively recovering from the child bearing demands which works towards preserving your youth.
As a matter of fact, my Mum looks like 35, when she’s well above 50!

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5. Its Sunnah
” He who upholds the Sunnah and stick to it firmly without derailing till Death, is the most successful ”. Little A.H.

May Allaah accept it from you and us. Aameen

Allaahu Musta’aan

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