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Four Steps Before the First Talaq:

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What is the Quranic Procedure of Talaq?

Four Steps Before the First Talaq:

As laid down in 4:34-35, when there’s a marital discord, as a primary step, the Quran advices the husband to motive out (izu hunna) together with hi his spouse via discussions.

If variations persist, then as a subsequent step, the events are requested to sexually distance themselves (wahjuru hunna) from one another in the hope that this non permanent bodily separation could encourage them to unite.

And if even this fails, the husband is instructed, as a 3rd step, to as soon as once more clarify (wazribu hunna) to his spouse the seriousness of the scenario and attempt to convey a few reconciliation.

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If the dispute nonetheless stays unresolved, as a fourth step, the Quran requires the matter to be positioned earlier than two arbiters, one from the household of every partner, for decision.

Three Stages of Talaqs:

It is simply after the failure of the aforementioned 4 makes an attempt at reconciliation, that the Quran permits the first talaq to be pronounced adopted by a ready interval known as the ‘Iddah’. Not greater than two divorces may be pronounced inside this era, the length of which is three month-to-month programs (2:228-229). For girls who’ve handed the age of menstruation, the interval of iddah is three months and in the case of pregnant girls, it’s until the termination of being pregnant (65:4).

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And if the events are unable to unite throughout the interval of iddah as envisaged by verse 2:228, the last irrevocable talaq may be pronounced, however solely after the expiry of the iddah (2:231). Once the last talaq has been invoked, the marital bond is severed, and the events stop to be of any relation to one another.

In different phrases, after the expiry of second iddah, as per verses 2:231 & 232, the events are given the choices of remarriage and everlasting separation – the separation being the third and the last irrevocable talaq to be pronounced in the presence of two witnesses (65:2).

Thus, it may be summarized from the above dialogue that after 4 severe makes an attempt at reconciliation, a Muslim husband is permitted to divorce his spouse a few times inside the interval of iddah to renew conjugal relations with out having to endure the process of remarriage. After the expiry of iddah, he can both re-contract the marriage on recent and mutually agreeable phrases or irrevocably divorce her by announcing the third and the last talaq.

However, to emphasise the sanctity of the marriage tie and the enormity of breaking it for frivolous causes, the Quran warns that when the events select to separate after the expiry of the iddah, they can not entertain hopes of marrying once more except the spouse takes one other husband and he divorces her (2:230).

*Step by Step Summary of the Qur’anic Procedure of Talaq:*

1. Husband and spouse to motive out via dialogue (izu hunna)

2. Temporary bodily separation (wahjuru hunna)

3. More convincing to impact reconciliation (wazribu hunna)

4. Arbitration

5. First talaq adopted by iddah

6. Options inside iddah – 2nd talaq or resumption of conjugal relations with out re-marriage

7. Options after iddah – Re-marriage or last separation via third talaq.

In truth, there isn’t any different philosophy or faith which introduces a greater psychological method to unite the separated {couples}, besides Islam.


Till the last talaq, the spouse ought to keep in the similar home the place the husband stays. And the husband is chargeable for all her primary wants and safety and isn’t permitted to hurt her anyway. The idea of instantaneous triple talaq is alien to Islam because it goes towards the very spirit of the process of divorce laid down in the Quran. Even the Prophet instructed that it’s not permitted, when an individual gave three talaqs collectively to his spouse. (Mishkat-ul-Masabih).

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