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Muhammad in the Bible – A Clear Response to C.A.N.

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Let me start this rejoinder by quoting the divine warnings of God as written in the Bible in Psalms 105 verse 15 and  first Chronicles 16 verse 22 where God had emphatically said:

” And do not touch my anointed ones,  and do not harm (or curse) any of my Prophets “,

and in Second Chronicles 36 verse 16 where the Bible says:

” But they mocked God’s Messengers, despised his words and scoffed at his Prophets until the wrath (anger or divine punishment) of the LORD was aroused against his people and there was no remedy  (or escaped)”

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In spite of the above biblical warnings of God against any person that curses or abuse any divine Prophets and Messengers of God , Deborah Samuel had cast herself into both physical and spiritual destruction by using vulger or abusive language against the most honoured divine and universal  Prophet of God in the person of Prophet Muhammad on whom be peace thinking that her chanting of ” HOLY GHOST FIRE ” could save or protect her from the wrath of God !

How unfortunate and ignorant was she when she kept on repeating this unbiblical formula and at the sametime abusing the noble Prophet of God in her hostel room ?

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It is no wonder that the bible says in Hosea 4 verse 6 that:

” For my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

I quite believed that both Deborah Samuel , Matthew Hassan Kukah and the whole management of the Christians Association of Nigeria are not aware that the profile or Prophecies  of the advent of  Prophet Muhammad (Peace be on him) are clearly written in their versions of the Bible in different chapters and verses of both the old and new testaments ,and they were commanded to honour him , help him  and believe in him when he comes as written in Surah 7 verses 157-158 and Deuteronomy 18 v 18 , Deuteronomy 18 v 15 and Acts of the Disciples 3 v 21-23.

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And in accordance to the book of John 1 verses 19-21 , that Prophet of Deuteronomy  18 verse 18 was mentioned by the Jewish Priests and Levites when they asked John the Baptist the following questions :-


John answered NO !

They then asked him the Second question saying ,


John answered No !!

And they still asked him the third question


And he answered NO !!!  

These three questions in respected of the coming of three expected Prophets of God were chronologically responded with Negative answers by John .

And in John 1 verse 25 the Jews asked John that IF YOU ARE NOT THE CHRIST , OR ELIJAH OR THAT PROPHET WHY THEN DO YOU BAPTISED ?  

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Therefore , in the light of the above statements in John 1 v 19 -21 and John 1 verse 25 , we are challenging the Christians Association of Nigeria and Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah to tell us WHO THAT EXPECTED PROPHET WAS ?

Jesus had already confirmed in Matthew 17 v 10 – 13 and Luke 1 v 17 that John the Baptist came as  the representative of Elijah in his spirit .

Who then was that Prophet to come after Jesus Christ ?

In John 16 verses 12-14  of the Bible , Jesus had announced the coming of another Prophet after him with a divine message from God , and that that Prophet will tell the world many things about Jesus and so many other things to come .

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The Christians have failed to understand or know that , the person that Jesus was talking about is no other than Prophet Muhammad Peace be on him .

And if they said it was the Holy Spirit , then they should know that it was this Holy Spirit that brought the divine message of the Qur’an  to Prophet Muhammad as mentioned also in Revelation 14 v 6-7 of the Bible .

Other biblical references to Prophet Muhammad in the Bible as directly spoken by Jesus  can be found in John 14 v 16 , John 14 verse 30 , John 16 v 7-9 ,  John 14 v 26 , John 15 v 26 .

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If actually there was to be another divine messenger from God after Jesus as spoken by him , then that divine Messenger is non other than Prophet Muhammad Peace be on him.  

And it was through the teachings of prophet Muhammad that the Muslims know and respect both Jesus , his Mother , Mary and all the biblical Prophets of God like Abraham , Isaacs,  Jacob , Moses , Solomon , David etc .

Any any Christian in the capacity of Matthew Hassan Kukah that does not agree with the above mentioned facts , We challenge him for a public debate or one one dialogue at any place of his choice . There are more than a thousand prophecies about Prophet Muhammad  Peace be on him  in the Bible .

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If only the Christians like Deborah Samuel knew that the bible said that cursing or abusing one’s parent like Father or Mother is punishable with death she would not have even thought of blaspheming a divine Prophet of God who is accepted , honoured , respected and loved by trillions  of the past and present believers in that divine Prophet of God in person of Prophet Muhammad Peace be on him.  

In Leviticus 20 v 9 , Exodus 21 verse 17 and Matthew 15 v 4 , the bible said that Whosoever curses his father or Mother , he should be stoned to death by the community .

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Now , if cursing or abusing your parents is liable to the punishment of death , what more of cursing or abusing a Prophet of God ?

In Leviticus 24 verses 10- 16 , The Son of an Egyptian whose Mother was an  Israelite was commanded by God to be stoned to death publicly by the community and strangers for his sin of blasphemy against God and Moses .

And the victim was publicly executed by stonning .

In first King 21 verses 10- 13  of the Bible , another Man who blasphemed against God and a divine King by cursing them , was commanded to be stoned to death by God , and he was also publicly executed .

Did the management of CAN and Matthew Hassan Kukah not read these in their Bible ?

In Second book of Kings 2 verses 23-25 , God commanded two ferrocious bears from the bushes to killed 42 boys who abused and cursed Prophet Elisha , and they were all killed by these dangerous animals for cursing a Prophet of God .

In Second book of Samuel 16 verses  5- 13 of the Bible  , a Man was almost beheaded for cursing Prophet David in his presence and in the presence of David’s body guards .  

In conclusion , Jesus himself had commanded that any person that kicks against his leadership as a divine king or Prophet should be slaughtered before him as written in Luke 19 v 27 of the Bible.


Also, in Matthew 12 verse 32 , Jesus clearly said that any form of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit of God can never be forgiven in this world and in the hereafter .

And this means that even the blood of Jesus could not wash away such sins through his death on the cross as the Christians believed .

If blasphemy against the Holy Spirit could not be forgiven , what more of blasphemy against the Holy Prophets of God who worked hand in hand with the Holy Spirit as written in 2 Peter 1 v 20-22?

This shows that any blasphemy against the Holy Spirit or Holy Prophet of God is liable to death in this world and eternal punishment in the hereafter as written  in Matthew 12 v 32 .

Most importantly , Jesus had also confirmed all the old testaments laws of divine punishments in Matthew 5 v 17-18 of the Bible .

Another biblical warning is in Exodus 22 verse 28 where the Bible says AND YOU SHALL NOT CURSE GOD AND THE RULER (OR PROPHET ) OF YOUR PEOPLE “

In the light of the above mentioned biblical facts , we are advising both the Management of CAN and Matthew Hassan Kukah to warn or guide their followers to respect the divine Prophets of God and seek for more knowledge of the truth lest they risk their lives as written in Hosea 4 verse 6 of the Bible .

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The Government is also advised to stop delaying justice against the guilty ones , or they should be implementing the laws of God , otherwise , people will be taking the laws into their hands .

Husaini Yusuf  Mabera,

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