Why A Muslim Must Not Join Non-Muslim Celebrations

Reasons why a Muslim must stay away from participating / celebrating with the kuffars;

• The lies against Allah (about begotten a son) – making reference to Prophet Isā (عليه السلام) as son of God (Allah).

• The dubious belief in holy Trinity (i.e three in one.

• The status of Pophet Isā (عليه السلام) as being God that is worthy to be worshipped.

• The lies that Prophet Isā (عليه السلام) was killed and crucified on the cross, and that woke up (resurrected) again after three days.

• No one will enter Paradise except he is either a Jew or Christian.

All these are false and clear misguidance. (As against what is explained in the Qur’ān and Sunnah).

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