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Did you hear about the gruesome murder of Hajia Harira Jibril and her four children in the South-East. Harira was fully clothed in hijab and she was also pregnant. She was then murdered, along her four children, simply because she was a Muslim; and nobody has condemned that dastardly act, including the government of the state.

With the brutal murder of this innocent sister and her four children, those apologetic Muslims who were so eloquent in discharging their flawless English in defence of Deborah have honorably retired to a silent mode. A crime is a crime. No crime is exclusively dentified with any tribe or religion. All criminals are doomed to hell, if they failed to repent.

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However, this crime of specifically targeting Muslims in the Southeast is a simple alert to Yoruba Muslims of the danger ahead. My sympathy goes to them; for beyond the sentiment of being labeled a “tribo-religious” chauvinist, I can vividly see the Southwest Muslims in a more precarious state viz their hate mongering neighbours in the church.

I hold no grudge against the Christians who see no crime in murdering the pregnant Fatima and her four children; but I am shocked at the attitude of those Muslim elites in Yoruba land who decried the killing of Deborah but now pretend as though the news of Fatima’s murder is fake. If you think of being tolerant by that attitude, you got it wrong!

Inferiority complex, that’s the sickness. The Muslim elites in Yoruba land are actually sick. The pains of being deprived jobs, political appointments and freedom of worship by the Christians in power and even the common attitude of yanking hijab off their wives and daughters by  Christian employers and teachers are not as harmful to Yoruba Muslims as the disease called mental conquest.

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Yoruba Muslims have been mentally conquered by their Christian neighbours…

The woman who was killed along with her four daughters by IPOB gunmen. Her husband Jibril Ahmad told BBC Hausa #BBCHAUSA  that Harira, 32, was coming back from a visit to her extended family when the #IPOB  murdered them.

Her four children are:

Fatima 9 years
Khadija 7 years
Hadiza 5 years
Zaituna 2 years

The #BBCHAUSA also reported another six persons of northern Nigeria origin killed over the weekend in the same Anambra State.                      

Now that evils have conspired to hold us to ransom in this country, I counsel the believers throughout the country to begin to strive towards regaining their lost identity. Let’s start thinking like Muslims, acting like Muslims and flaunting the pride of being blessed with Islam. That’s the only way of giving solidarity to the religion which binds us together.

O’ Allah, heal the nation!

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