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Be Careful of Strange Guests at Events

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Beware of Criminal Guests At Events

A few minutes ago, I received a phone call from Shaykh Abdullāh Jabata, and after exchanging pleasantries, he narrated an unfortunate incident that he witnessed last weekend, and which he wants me to write about.

In his words, “I want you to write about it on your wall, so that people can be careful with unknown guests and attendants at events.”

He continued:

“Last Saturday, one of our younger brothers got married, and we noticed a strange man, well dressed sitting next to us under our tent. Some of us thought that he’s a friend of the groom, and going by his appearance (he wore the colour of the dress picked for the wedding), we had no cause to suspect any ill-intention from him.

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At some point, he even helped with some things, and got so close to us to the extent that we placed two of our younger kids in his care. That was the extent to which we got so much comfortable with him around us.”

“When he realised that we had accommodated him like family, he struck. First, he walked up to the groom’s father, and whispered some things in his ear. Seeing the way that he interacted and familiarised with him, our faith in him grew, and we completely let down our guards.”

“Next, he approached one of the groom’s friends, and demanded to use his phone to direct one of their friends who had lost his way. According to him, he had ran out of airtime while talking to the guy.”

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“He left the venue pretending to be making a phone call, and that was the end of it. Our strange guest had robbed the groom’s friend of his phone under our noses.”

“It was at that point that it dawned on us that we had at some point left him with two of our kids! This guy could have easily lured our kids away before our eyes!”

“Please, make a post about this, so that people can be very careful with their properties and children around strangers any time they attend events. Not every guest is an invited guest. Some are criminals in disguise.”

Please, let’s share this widely, and take caution. May Allāh protect us from all evildoers!

Sanusi Lafiagi

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