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The Simple Parable of Russia and Ukraine

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Before I went to sleep, my spouse stated to me: This Russia is such a foul nation, If Ukraine desires to hitch Nato, it’s their enterprise and freedom, Russia has no proper to intervene, that is simply an excuse for Russia to invade Ukarine.

So I stated nothing, I simply went to the kitchen and took a knife to bedside, then I stated: Let’s move to sleep.

My spouse checked out me together with her huge eyes: What the heck are you doing, sleeping with a knife?!?!

I stated: No fear, let’s move to sleep. Beside, sleeping with a knife is none of your online business and it’s my freedom.

My spouse stated: How can I sleep if you find yourself sleeping with a knife? What if you happen to by chance lower me?

I stated: Well, You don’t even belief your individual husband, how are you going to anticipate Russia to belief Ukraine? Me sleeping with a knife is like Ukraine becoming a member of the Nato.

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