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Preparing for Ramadan in Sha’ban


Preparing for Ramadan in Sha’ban

(Notes from a lecture by Sh. Umm Jamaal ud-Din)

Purify your coronary heart.

-Do honest tawbah. Reflect

 over your previous. Repent. Turn again to Allah with sincerity.

-Increase in Istighfar

-Revive your coronary heart with Thikr.

-Give sadaqah as a lot as you possibly can because it wipes out sins.

-Let move of dangerous emotions in the direction of others, as a result of it solely stops you from getting near Allah. Ask Allah to free your coronary heart from dangerous emotions. Try overcoming dangerous emotions by making Dua for that particular person.

-If you’ve wronged anybody make amends for that with them.

Success Habits

Muhasabah. Call your self to account earlier than you might be referred to as to account.

-Are we enhancing and coming nearer to Allah?

-What sins or dangerous habits do you wish to give attention to erasing out of your life? Backbiting? Wasting time? Missing prayers? Start attempting to alter from now.

Make a plan.

What objectives do you wish to set for this coming Ramadan?

What good habits can we undertake in our life to enhance ourselves?

-Take small steps in the direction of Allah: eg, begin your day upon shukr by praying 2 rakahs of salat ad-Duha, bear in mind Allah in the mornings and evenings, apply having good akhlaq with everybody round you…

Remember : the best ranges of reward in Ramadan are for these performed with Ihsan.

Increase in good deeds from now.

-Increase in studying Quran.

-Rawaatib (12 further Sunnah raka’at) – home in jannah.

-Qiyam al Layl.

Ibn Rajab mentioned Shaban is like an introduction to Ramadan. So quick and recite Quran in this month in order to organize your soul, in order that its disciplined upon obedience. Because in case you’re not used to further worship, it will likely be heavy on you. So apply from now to make it straightforward.

Remember: Those people who find themselves capable of recite Quran and point out Allah earlier than dying, it’s as a result of their hearts have been used to it.

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Make your self mentally ready for Ramadan.

-Spring clear your own home.

-Complete your assignments and appointments earlier than Ramadan.

-Stay in the corporate of those that inspire you in the direction of striving to do your greatest.

-Make up missed fasts.

– Memorize some Quran to recite in salah.

-Make a private day by day plan for the way you’re going to spend your day. Where will you pray taraweeh? When will you recite Quran?

Make du’a to Allah عز وجل to offer us Tawfeeq, as a result of in actuality we can’t depend on our efforts and plans and Ramadan journals.

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No one will probably be profitable with out Allah’s Help

‎اللهم أعني على ذكرك و شكرك وحسن عبادتك  

Finally: Only Allah is aware of what number of extra Ramadans we’ve left. How many individuals have already handed away? How many individuals are sick and may’t quick this 12 months? Don’t take this blessing for granted.

Ask Allah that will help you safely stay to see Ramadan.

Ibn Al-Jawzee mentioned: “If it was said to those in their graves “Wish”, they might want to come again to quick yet one more day in Ramadan.”

‎اللهم بلغنا رمضان وبارك لنا فيه

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To hearken to the total lecture see hyperlink in feedback beneath

(Special thanks and jazaki’Allahu Khayr to sister Umm Huraira for taking these notes from the lecture)

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