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Violence against women raping

In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficial the Most Merciful

In the past few weeks, there has been outrage over rampart cases of rape in Nigeria. It is so serious and frequent that it has widely been called a pandemic. One cannot agree less. According to the Inspector General of Police, 717 cases of rape were reported between January and May 2020. It should be noted that many more cases go unreported for a number of reasons including lack of trust by many people in police and other government agencies. Nigeria Governors Forum threatened to declare a state of emergency. Well, it has always been a matter of emergency with randy rapists being on the prowl everywhere in the country.

More worrisome is the fact that in many instances the victims are children, babies, teenagers and students. It was reported in our last but one news bulletin that the Jigawa State Police Command arrested 11 men for raping a 12-year-old girl in the state .A University of Benin student was raped to death in a Church in Benin. Within 72 hours, another young student, Baraka Bello, was also raped to death in Oyo State. Last year rape of a 4 year old girl in Ogba, Lagos was reported. Earlier, a 70 year old man raped a 3 year old girl in Kano. This is not an isolated case as about the same time police reported no less than 54 cases of child rape in Kano State alone. There was also the case of a 6-month old baby who suffered severe deformity after being raped by a 40 year old man aided by his wife in the process purportedly as a cure for the couple’s childlessness.

The level of perversity must be very deep in an environment where babies suffer this kind and level of callousness and no concrete action is taken to forestall future occurrence. For those children raped to death, what will be the answer of our society on the Day of Judgment when it will be asked, “For what sin was it (the female child) murdered?” as the Quran puts it (Quran81:9).For all cases, what will be our response when it is asked, what did you do to stop the evil tide of rape? A good start is to ruminate on what has been paraded as the causes of rape, and from there chart the way forward.


There have been several reasons adduced for prevalence of rape. A number of the causes popularly given by people for rape in Nigeria including in polls are: indecent dressing, consumption of alcohol, drug abuse, ineffective enforcement agents etc

In discussing the causes, it is pertinent to ask, do we have a society or system that has tendency to mass produce rapists? What kind ideology pervades this kind of society? In much of human history there is a segment of people who promote massive sexual permissiveness. In the modern world many such people could be found among the so called liberals of secularist persuasion whose notions of liberty result into commodification of human body especially of women: the women body in particular is seen as an article of conspicuous consumption with naked and half-naked imageries being widely disseminated for modeling, commercials, adverts and all sort of ostentatious displays.

‘Democratization’ of nudity on electronic media especially TV and social media is thus an important factor in creating all sorts of sexual perverts including rapists. “Sex sells” is a popular notion for many in the entertainment industry and social media. It was recently revealed that the image-sharing app, Instagram, is wired with an algorithm that is programmed to give preference to sexually suggestive images. When a person is thoroughly exposed to scenes of rape, sexual activities, sex-filled innuendos and sex-saturated entertainment on such platforms, he or she is subjected to some kind of sublimal seduction and classical conditioning that could make him see sex outside marriage as a badge of honour or at least have a care free attitude to it.

In many cases, such a person especially a child stands a high a chance of growing into a sexual pervert of different kinds including as rapist. He may grow to be a corporate rapist such as bank managers who lure or force young girls into sex for jobs, a university lecturer who sees female students as ‘teaching allowance’ and by force or inducement make young ladies victims of his libido, a film producer who doles out roles in exchange for sex and sometimes shamelessly demonstrates wayward sexual activities on screen in film scenes. This category of rapists is more sophisticated and subtle and is in majority.

The other kind of rapists, the subhuman brutes who use raw, physical violence and grab news headline recently, is another category. The two categories are both birds of the same feather, two sides of the same coin. Therefore, an ideology of sexual permissiveness which permits an explosion of sexual images is actually an ideology of rape, no matter the quantum of finesse some put to it in the name of modernity and liberalism. It is what I call sexual liberalism. When this becomes something of a state ideology and is indirectly or directly permitted and/or promoted by state laws and policies, the result is sexual disasters such as geometric spike in cases of rape. Take a look at countries where sexual liberalism reign supreme: they top the list of countries with the highest rape incidence.

Even when a society implements the hudud or Islamic punitive measures for sexual offences but is unable or fails to shield itself from sexual liberalism or proliferation of sexual images or permissiveness, such a society also stands the risk of being inflicted with sexual disasters like rape pandemic. Not isolated cases of rape but rape pandemic.

Violence against women rapingIt may be fashionable in some religious circles to simply blame indecent dressing for rape. In fact, according to a recent poll, 47% of Nigerians say indecent dressing is a major cause of rape. While this is understandable, it would be simplistic without putting indecent dressing in context and linking it a proper context such as the overall ideology of sexual liberalism.

Indecent dressing is normally a product of sexual liberalism. A person who dresses indecently or flouts his or her nudity as a product of sexual liberalism would easily fire the libido of other persons who are also certified products of or are simply under the influence of, sexual liberalism. Understanding this point in broader sense partly helps to explain why a rapist could rape a well-dressed person or a child full of innocence.

While sexual liberalism is not the only cause of rape, it is the fundamental cause of much of the widespread sexual perversion or rape pandemic. It may also contribute to other causes. The fetish man who rapes with the intension of becoming rich or to have a child may be a sexual pervert already who is a product of a society in which sexual liberalism is prevalent. In the case of a person who rapes to become rich, poverty and superstition are critical factors. Poverty and superstitious belief may lead some people to commit rape. Researchers have shown that poverty is connected to both the perpetration of acts of sexual violence as well as the risk of being a victim of it. However, it is more likely for a sexual pervert who is a product of sexual liberalism to take that route.

When sexual liberalism in one form or the other combines with widespread poverty, superstitious belief, corruption, prevalence of drug abuse, alcohol consumption, ill-equipped law enforcement officers, poor evidence system, slow judicial system where cases take up to 10 years to decide, inadequate penal or punitive system etc, a fertile ground is prepared for rape pandemic and other forms of sexual violence. Is it a wonder then that results of a survey conducted and published by NOIPolls showed that up to one in every three girls living in Nigeria could have experienced at least one form of sexual assault by the time they attain the age of 25?


An effective solution is to strike at the root of the problem. In other words, strike at the root and root out the fundamental cause. A holistic Islamic approach is to strike at sexual liberalism and the system that sustains it as an ideology. No solution is complete without understanding the sociology of the environment where rape takes place and the psychology of the rapist.

This is why in the preceding section; attempt is made to discuss sexual liberalism (which is all the same whether in its pre-modern or modern form, though it is more sophisticated in the modern sense). In dealing with the situation, we need to take heed of the quranic injunction: do not approach zina (illicit sex)-Quran 17:31. The approach is not to approach it. In other words do not engage in activities that could make you commit zina whether consensual or non-consensual zina such as rape. Sexual liberalism creates avenues “to approach zina”.

A society that wants to curb rape pandemic should put in place mechanisms to curb sexual permissiveness such as by way of spread of sexual images on line and offline. Qur’an underscores the fact that caretakers of home and society may engage in actions that could lure or force people particularly girls to zina: “You shall not force your girls to commit prostitution, seeking the materials of this world” (Quran 24:33).This is all preventive approach. A society that wishes to heed that divine admonition will cultivate in people the culture of self- discipline including by way of extensive education and orientation for example on divinely prescribed norms on social relations including ethics of man-woman relations.

Sexual liberalism has blackmailed many Muslim societies into believing that many of these rules of engagement are archaic. Having seen the consequences of this,the duty of everyone in the Ummah living in a society in which sexual liberalism is prevalent is to work towards riding it of this pandemic. Creating a home where members are raised to protect themselves from anything that can condition their minds to zina is step in that direction. For children, this would mean being on watch on the type of stuff they access online and the kind of company they keep including things and persons of suspicious sexual character. They would also be taught not to be mobile pornographies in terms of the clothing they put on and to have self-restraint in dealing with (possible) sources of seduction (as per Quran 5:5, Quran 24:31, Quran 24:30).

This is not only preventive but also precautionary. The punitive aspect relates to the punishment prescribed by Sharia for breaching the divinely prescribed boundaries of sexual civility. Such measures have a number of utilities including serving as deterrence to would- be offenders. When the above measures (preventive, precautionary and punitive measures) are put in place, other measures put in place to address other causes such as poverty, poor attitude of law enforcement agents, corruption etc will help in shielding the society from rape pandemic.

If this is not done, tears shed by politicians over the issue of rape in response to public outrage would go for what they really are: crocodile tears. Crocodile tears-not even an ocean thereof-can put out the wild fire of rape recklessly kindled by explosive sexual permissiveness to which the society is endlessly bombarded. Similarly if the public outrage is not directed and converted to short, medium and long terms actions and educational programmes meant to achieve the above measures, such outrage will amount to empty noise.

Dr Tajudeen Thani writes from Kampala,Uganda

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Kadhimi, director of Iraq’s Nationwide Intelligence Carrier, met with high participants of the outgoing government on Saturday in a repeat to position together his cabinet and bring an terminate to a protracted-lasting energy vacuum.

On Thursday, President Barham Salih named Kadhimi, who enjoys strengthen from the country’s political institution, as high minister-designate and tasked him with forming a brand new government in a month.

He used to be the third particular person tapped for the job in precisely 10 weeks after the gentle nominee Adnan al-Zurfi withdrew his repeat.

Iran welcomed Kadhimi’s nomination for the Iraqi premiership, calling the switch a step within the qualified direction.

The brand new Iraqi high minister-designate is facing a couple of challenges, amongst them requires economic reforms in conjunction with a serious fight against corruption in relate institutions and the nation’s frustration with the US defense drive presence in Iraq.

Earlier this week, US officials informed the Connected Press that Patriot missile launchers and two other instant-vary programs were in role at Ain al-Asad air dreadful in Iraq’s Anbar Province and at the defense drive facility in Kurdistan’s regional capital, Erbil, with out elaborating on where those programs had been taken from.

They extra illustrious that a instant-vary rocket diagram had been installed at Camp Taji, north of Baghdad.

The US defense drive produce-up no longer only violates Iraq’s sovereignty, but additionally poses a risk to the country’s militia and defies an Iraqi parliament vote on January 5 that referred to as for an terminate to the presence of all foreign troops.

The vote came two days after the US assassination of Total Soleimani in Iraq, in conjunction with Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the 2d-in-expose of Iraq’s Widespread Mobilization Items (PMU) or Hashd al-Sha’abi, and eight other Iranian and Iraqi folk.

US Secretary of Insist Mike Pompeo fair currently proposed that Washington and Baghdad “preserve a strategic dialogue in June” to discuss about the presence of American forces in Iraq.

Speaking on Friday, Kadhimi wired that Iraq’s sovereignty used to be a “crimson line” and that he would no longer be versatile about it.

On Saturday, some Iraqi sources acknowledged Pentagon chief Ticket Esper and Vice President Mike Pence had visited Ain al-Asad air dreadful, where they held talks with the Iraqi president.
US Violates Iraq’s Sovereignty and Poses a Threat to the Country as New PM Seeks to Form Govt.
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A convoy of 35 autos crossed the Waleed border crossing on Monday and headed in direction of US positions in the Jazira space of the province, native sources urged SANA.

The sources added that many of the tools was once sent to a deplorable that American troops indulge in blueprint up at Kharab al-Jeer Airport in al-Malikiyah district.

Throughout the past months, the US has sent thousands of autos loaded with weapons, navy, and logistic tools into Hasaka in an strive and toughen its troops’ presence in the Syrian al-Jazira space to resolve on the Arab nation’s oil and underground property, the file added. 

In slack October 2019, Washington reversed an earlier resolution to pull out all of its troops from northeastern Syria, announcing the deployment of about 500 troopers to the oil fields controlled by Kurdish forces in the Arab nation.

The Pentagon claimed that the cross was once geared in direction of preserving the fields and companies and products from that that you can perchance likely likely additionally assume attacks by the Daesh Takfiri terrorist community. That relate came whereas US President Donald Trump had earlier suggested that Washington sought economic pursuits in controlling the oil fields.
US Brings in 35 Vehicles Loaded with Military Equipment to Syria’s Hasakah
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Head of the anti-settlement commission of the Palestinian Authority stated on Saturday that Israel is the exercise of the scenario to make bigger its settlement activities in the occupied territories.

In a separate assertion on Saturday, the Palestine Liberation Group (PLO) warned in opposition to a now not too prolonged previously-leaked belief between the united states and Israel over Tel Aviv’s plans for additional annexation of Palestinian lands, and for the reason for constructing illegal colonial settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories.

The assertion, issued by PLO’s Division for the Protection of Lands, stated that the Israeli regime is exploiting the world’s engagement in fight in opposition to coronavirus by piquant about some annexation plans that might presumably confiscate more Palestinian-owned lands for illegal settlement capabilities.

The feedback came a couple of days after the Arab League warned Israel used to be exploiting the world neighborhood’s preoccupation with the viral outbreak to push forward with its settlement expansion in the occupied territories.

Talking in a phone dialog with PLO Secretary Traditional Saeb Erekat on Tuesday, Arab League chief Ahmed Aboul Gheit stated the Israeli violations encompass killing, appealing and displacing civilians, annexing novel settlements, and attacking Palestinian holy sites.

Aboul Gheit warned Israel in opposition to enforcing its annexation plans for the occupied Palestinian territories, whether or now not in the Jordan Valley, the northern West Bank or in diversified places.

The Tel Aviv regime has stepped up its settlement constructing activities in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which pronounces settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds “a flagrant violation underneath world laws.”

Earlier in the week, Aboul Gheit wrote to the World Committee of the Crimson Wicked (ICRC), calling on the humanitarian group to succor stable the initiate of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli detention centers amid rising cases of infection with the novel coronavirus in the occupied territories.
Zionist Entity Taking Advantage of Coronavirus to Seize More Lands: Palestine
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Al-Houthi blamed the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and their home and international allies for the unfold of coronavirus in Yemen and for the hot events within the nation.

In a Tweet on Saturday, he eminent that reports of a case of coronavirus within the Ash-Shihr region in Hadhramaut Governorate (East of Yemen) advise that this blueprint like other functions of Yemen is beneath attack.

“We keep the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and their allies answerable for this incident and we’re interesting to work with our brothers as indispensable as we can.” He stated.

The main case of COVID-19 infection used to be reported in Hadhramaut Governorate closing Thursday and the day after, the nationwide committee for fighting in opposition to coronavirus presented the quarantine of 120 suspicious conditions.

Stretching from south to northeast of Yemen, the Hadhramaut Governorate is beneath the regulate of Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and the Saudi-Emiratis coalition.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus and the warnings issued by the UN referring to the wide demise toll in impoverished countries such as Yemen, officers of the National Salvation Authorities (primarily based in Sanaa) blamed the Saudi-Emiratis coalition for the hot predicament in Yemen and stated that the coalition might also exercise mighty thing about coronavirus to assemble the authorities surrender.

Meanwhile, fears are rising referring to the aftermath of the outbreak of the disease in Yemen which is being beneath the aggression of the Saudi-led coalition since March 2015 which has damaged its infrastructure including those linked to public health.

The US-primarily based Armed War Location and Tournament Knowledge Mission (ACLED), a nonprofit battle-be taught group, estimates that the war has claimed better than 100,000 lives at some level of the last nearly five years.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates like purchased billions of bucks’ rate of weapons from the United States, France and the UK within the war on Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition has been widely criticized for the high civilian demise toll from its bombing advertising campaign. The alliance has implemented nearly 20,500 air raids in Yemen, in step with the solutions tranquil by the Yemen Knowledge Mission.

The UN says over 24 million Yemenis are in dire need of humanitarian abet, including 10 million tormented by crude stages of hunger.
Al-Houthi Blamed US, Saudi Arabia, UAE and their Allies for the Spread of Coronavirus in Yemen
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The price that the media is merely an echo chamber of the political establishment in Britain has long been made by leftists and other rebels outdoors the prevailing orthodoxy. On the stay of a third week of lockdown, this impress is being made not factual by tens of millions of popular of us of somewhat mainstream political opinions, but even by two giants of the media market itself.

The every day press conferences – somewhat unlike the rumbustious White Dwelling briefings – are comparable to a succesful afternoon in the cricket nets, because the chosen England batsmen hit softballs robotically bowled at them by handpicked hacks extra involving to set onside than to procure at the wickets. Gentlemanly exchanges which steer definite of all unpleasantness and recrimination. No “I urged you so,” grand much less a “In spite of took place to that component you urged us used to be going to happen a week previously and by no technique did?”

Outright lies aren’t assuredly the British plot; even Boris Johnson is not Donald Trump, even when they are going to just without difficulty be brothers in some respects. But outright lies of a extraordinarily un-British kind are urged so frequently now over the coronavirus that an already jaded public has begun to regard the participants as someplace between a tainted joke and a extraordinarily crucial national scandal.

Which that you would per chance perchance mediate me partial, and indeed I am. However the same can not be said for Piers Morgan and Andrew Neil.

Morgan, a frail editor of Lickety-split Avenue newspapers and soundless an influential columnist, hosts the morning television show ‘Good Morning Britain’ with an viewers of tens of millions on veil veil and a following of over seven million on Twitter. To call him a critic of the authorities’s coronavirus efficiency shall be love describing Mount Everest as a hill. Day after day, to the level that ministers will not appear on his show to be grilled – no, roasted – by him.

But his ire against the authorities is as nothing when put next to his fury at the softball shufflers, patsies of the favored, as properly because the ‘excessive’ press, and the captains of the political couch television studios.

Andrew Neil is a pillar of the establishment, a frail editor of the Economist and the Sunday Instances and soundless the executive govt of the Spectator, the oldest English-language political weekly. For the time being he is the admiral of the BBC snappy of political journalists. A blue-blood, spitting blood at some stage in Twitter, all day, every day.

Both men are at the vanguard of a novel wave of anger, even rage, at the complacency not factual of the authorities but of those in the media presupposed to retain them to tale.

And never factual about the softball questioning, but at the abysmal failure to coach-up, even to quiz about the authorities’s broken guarantees; its dodging, ducking and diving, and the flat-out failure of the authorities’s technique, which lurches from one plot to 1 other and has ended up neither fish nor bird.

Though Britain had weeks of extra time, at the least, to rearrange for the arrival of the pandemic – “two weeks in the abet of Italy” is a phrase frequently worn (which technique properly over a month in the abet of China) – the UK now has the fifth ultimate loss of life toll in the field. It has this week overwhelmed the European memoir for every day loss of life rates, and must nearly absolutely have the worst casualty figures on the European continent by the stay of the crisis.

Infamously, it appears to be definite that the British plot used to be indeed to let the virus rip throughout the inhabitants till a ‘herd immunity’ used to be reached, and let the Satan take the hindmost. By hindmost I point out our moms, fathers, grandparents, and our aunt with the “underlying properly being condition” – even when she may have lived on for just a few years with that condition.

When it grew to turn out to be definite that the inevitable outcome of this plot shall be a figure of properly over half a million deaths, the authorities without note veered in the reverse route and ordered a lockdown, college closures etc. But not sooner than their personal “stand two metres apart and wash your hands” recommendation had been studiously skipped over by themselves, and the high minister, the properly being secretary and the executive medical officer had ALL gotten smaller the virus.

Besides the ‘lockdown’ is not in actuality a lockdown the least bit. The buses and tube trains – extensive Petri dishes – are soundless packed love sardines, with of us now shedding love flies. The college closures had been two weeks too gradual, ditto the pub, membership and restaurant closures. 250,000 horse-racing aficionados had been allowed to pack into the illustrious Cheltenham Competition stands, while hundreds of Atletico Madrid supporters had been authorized to fly in for a game with world champions Liverpool – which used to be attended by extra than 50,000 of us at the very moment mass deaths had been already taking place in Italy. A music concert used to be allowed to transfer forward with 30,000 in attendance.

Even now, flights are soundless arriving stout of travellers from Milan, Madrid, the usa, China, even Iran, their passengers and any viruses streaming into the total inhabitants.

The authorities has NEVER been pressed adequate on any of these catastrophic screw ups by the pussycat press.

And even when attempting out is promised – on a mass scale – but by no technique occurs, no one severely asks why? When ventilators are being DONATED by TURKEY, CUBA and CHINA, no one asks the put are the ventilators the British authorities belatedly ordered? From a vacuum-cleaner manufacturer, Dyson, who had by no technique made a ventilator in his puff. When did Britain turn out to be a beneficiary of foreign aid from countries we have long been urged are ‘enemy’ countries, or at the least ‘rogue third-world states’?

It has taken till this week to at final ‘procure’ the tens of millions of masks, robes and other PPE which had been promised weeks previously. That’s, if the authorities is telling the reality this time and they even have arrived. And let’s have a have a examine how long it takes to ‘roll them out’.

Even then, the numbers will seemingly soundless be insufficient – even for the NHS. But what about transport workers? Care home workers? Social care team? My very personal 85-one year-archaic mom needed to flip her care workers away (God bless them) because they had neither masks nor gloves, nor had been tested – and this at a time when my sister has to leave my mom’s groceries at the outdoors door and wave to her throughout the window!

A voice of shame now exists in Britain. Elderly of us are being handed documents by their doctors – Hippocratically sure by their oath to “Attain no Damage” – and urged to signal them. Upon inspection, the documents expose that the patient would not collect to be resuscitated must they turn out to be unconscious from the virus. Euthanasia by stealth, and contrary to laws, has washed up on our shores. And all below the deaf, plain and blind monkeys of the Fourth Property.

Such is the credibility of the British authorities that, when info started circulating that the high minister’s properly being had sharply deteriorated and he had been taken to sanatorium and used to be in intensive care, a authorities spokesman diverted responsible “Russian disinformation.” The journalists now may perchance be known as stenographers duly wrote this down and revealed it. Most attention-grabbing just a few hours later the authorities used to be compelled to concede how tainted the PM’s condition used to be, and even when he used to be not put on a ventilator because the sources cited by the Russians said, by no technique sooner than had “Russian disinformation” claims frail so poorly, so quick.

Furthermore, it emerged – on social media in want to in the pussycat prints – that Britain’s disastrous loss of life toll used to be finally a excessive undercounting of the reality. Initially, the distinction between NHS mortality figures and authorities bulletins used to be said to be precipitated by the latter’s failure to incorporate deaths from Covid-19 at home. Given the coverage of forcing those struggling to stay at home till they had been per chance at loss of life’s door, at which level they’ll be admitted to sanatorium, this used to be including insult to lethal anxiety. Then it emerged, entirely unquestioned by the British media, that those dying in care homes – far from a cottage industry in Britain – had been also not being counted. It is thus doable that the coolest casualty figures from the virus are as grand as 50% elevated than the authorities are gazzetting. None of this has worried the still of the media-authorities cricket match.

Silly, is not it, how frequently “Russian disinformation” turns out to be plenty nearer to the reality than the so-known as fair info media in the West?

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Carvajal, who has been in hiding since Spanish authorities inexperienced-lit his extradition to the US on drug-trafficking charges earlier this month, now needs to hand over, Reuters reported on Saturday, citing nameless sources. In accordance with the news agency, the Americans had been alive to with the veteran glance chief via a “non-governmental middleman.”

Despite the undeniable fact that US authorities possess long sought Carvajal’s extradition, Washington renewed its efforts to apprehend the veteran Maduro loyalist – nicknamed “El Pollo,” or ‘The Chicken’ – on Thursday. A Justice Department indictment accused Carvajal, as well to Maduro and more than a dozen political and navy officials, of “narco-terrorism.” These Venezuelans, the indictment talked about, conspired to “flood the US with cocaine.”

As smartly as, the State Department posted a reward of up to $10 million for info ensuing in Carvajal’s arrest. Now though, it looks to be they would perchance salvage to cling on to that money.

Washington has identified opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s “intervening time president” since his failed coup remaining year. As Guaido tried to lead a arise against Maduro in February 2019, Carvajal pledged his loyalty to the young upstart, and became stripped of his misguided by Maduro in consequence. He fled to Spain – promising authorities there info on Maduro’s govt – but became arrested upon arrival. 

On the other hand, his draw as a veteran Maduro insider-modified into-opponent didn’t sway US authorities from urgent for his extradition, nor did it aid him off the Justice Department’s most modern indictment.

Given the litany of drug-trafficking charges leveled against him by the US in 2009, 2011, and remaining week, it looks to be unlikely that American authorities will assign up a truthful slate amnesty for the veteran spymaster. As a substitute, he’s often pressed for info on Maduro’s govt, all whereas prosecutors dangle over him the probability of a lifetime in penitentiary.
Venezuela’s Ex-Spy Chief ‘to Turn Himself in’ to US Authorities
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