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Fasting and Vomiting

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*Fasting and Vomiting*

*I vomited through the day whereas I used to be fasting. Is my quick legitimate? Whatshould I do?*


If you vomited INVOLUNTARILY and it simply got here out on it’s personal, it does NOT invalidate the quick, EVEN IF IT’S A LOT.

You don’t need to do something and your quick remains to be GOOD.

BUT in case you vomited DELIBERATELY by placing your fingers down the throat or by another means, then the quick is INVALIDATED.

And you’ll need to make up that day in a while.


The Prophet sal Allaahu Alayhi wa sallam stated:

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“The one who cannot help vomiting does not have to make up the fast, but the one who vomits deliberately has to make it up.”

(at-Tirmidhi- saheeh by al-Albaani)


Some individuals suppose that if the vomit is huge in quantity then it will break their quick even when it is unintentional.


*What if I swallowed a few of my vomit?*

If you could possibly have spit it out however you didn’t; quite you swallowed it again down, then that can break the quick.

But if it was UNINTENTIONAL and past your management and it simply in some way went down your throat, your quick remains to be legitimate.

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The students of the Standing Committee stated:

“If he vomited deliberately then his fast is invalidated, but if he could not help it then his fast is not invalidated. Similarly it is not invalidated by his swallowing it so long as he did not do that deliberately.”

[The Standing Committee (10/254)]

*What about reflux/burping that brings up meals?*

The identical rulings apply to reflux or burps that convey up meals.

So in case you really feel the meals in your throat, attempt to spit it out and don’t swallow it.

But in case you can’t spit it out and it’s not inside your management then it doesn’t invalidate the quick, even in case you unintentionally swallow a few of it.

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Ibn Hazm stated:

“Reflux that comes out of the throat does not invalidate the fast, so long as the person does not deliberately swallow it back after it reaches the mouth when he is able to expel it.”

[al-Muhalla (4/225)]

And Allaah is aware of greatest.


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