Fasting Sittu Shawwaal and repaying missed days in Ramadaan

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem….

Fasting Sittu Shawwaal and repaying missed days in Ramadan needs the understanding of the science of Fiqh.

To begin with, I must state that scholars differ in opinion and we can’t fault anyone as that is what is clear to him. It must be noted also that whichever opinion is correct has double reward and the incorrect one has a reward also.

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Allow me begin with repaying Ramadan. A missed fast in the month of Ramadan is referred to as Qadha whenever one wants to repay it. Just like Salat. Qadha means debt.

Secondly, in Ibadaat, there are classes of various Ibadah based on time. We have what we call enormous time range and

limited time range Ibadah

Everyday we pray, we buttress the fact that Magrib should not be delayed like other salat because it’s time is very short.

If someone who set out for Umrah and Hajj gets to makkah on the day of Arafa,  the person will have to observe his Umrah later because then Hajj is of limited time and it is wajib  which if gone won’t come again.

Ramadan is a short range Ibadah but its Qadh can be done anytime before the next Ramadan. That is why in the books of Fiqh, what you will always read is someone who delays the Qadha of Ramadan till the next Ramadan and still yet indebted.

To make this simpler…. the 6 bonus of Shawwal is also a limited range Ibadah that must be in Shawwal alone except for a thought in the school of thought of Abu Hanifa that one can spread it over the year, of course that is weak opinion to many of the students of the school of thought even.

The fact that Shittu Shawwal is limited, one has to delay the Qadha of Ramadan because it is already Qadha and Allah says…. repay another time (before the next Ramadan of course).

 There is no ruling that says missed Ramadan must be observed in shawwal but the six of shawwal must be in Shawwal as stated in the Hadith.

With this, we can conclude that observing 6 of shawwal should come before missed Ramadan.

In fact, in the Musnad of Ahmad, it is reported that Aisha used to observe her missed Ramadan in the next Shaban, will one say the Abida under the roof of Rasul doesn’t do 6 of shawwal. No.

And Allah knows best.

Imam Ahmad Ibraheem Al-Misri

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