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Abu Bakr Mentioned in the Holy Quran

References in the Holy Quran.

Abu Bakr has the unique distinction of being referred to in the Holy Quran in several verses.


In Sura “A1-Bara’at’, there is a reference to Abu Bakr in the following verse: “He being the second of the two, When they were in the cave and when Muhammad said to his companion ‘Grieve not, surely God is with us,’ then God came to their help, and protected them with an army which they saw not”. {9:40}


The following verses in the Sura “Al-Lail” refer to Abu Bakr: “Those who spend their wealth for increase in self-purification and have in their minds no favor from any one, for which a reward is expected in return, but only the desire to seek the countenance of their Lord, Most High and soon will they attain complete satisfaction.” {92:18-21}

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“He who gives in charity, and fears Allah and in all sincerity testifies to the best, We will indeed, make smooth for him, the path to bliss”. {92:1-7}


When the verse “Surely Allah and His angels bless the Prophet” {33:56} was revealed, Abu Bakr inquired of the Holy Prophet whether he was included in the divine grace which was bestowed on the Holy Prophet. It was on this that the following verse was revealed which contains an implied reference to Abu Bakr: “He it is, Who sends His blessings on him, and so do His angels that He may bring him forth out of utter darkness into light, and He is merciful to the believers’. {33:43}.

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The commentators are agreed that the following verse of Sura “Al-lmran” refers to Abu Bakr and Umar: “And take counsel with them in the affair”. (3:158)


Shah Wali Ullah and other commentators hold that in the following verse of Sura “AI-Waqiah”, the “believers that are good refers to Abu Bakr and Umar: “And if you back up each other against him, then surely Allah it is Who is his Guardian, and Gabriel, and the believers that do good, and the angels will be his helpers.” {66:4}.


According to commentators the following verse in Sura “Ar-Rahman” refers to Abu Bakr: “And for him who fears to stand before his Lord are two gardens”, (15:46)

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The following verse in Sura “Al-Imran” with reference to the Jews has an implied reference to Abu Bakr: “And you will certainly hear from those who received the Book before you and from the polytheists much that is wrong, but if you preserve and fear God, that is the steadfastness of things.”


In Sura “An-Nur”, the following verse refers to Abu Bakr: “And let not those of you who possess grace and abundance swear against giving to the near of kin and the poor and those who have migrated in the way of Allah, and they should pardon and turn away. Do you not like that God should forgive you?” {24:22}

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