The Battle of Uhud was fought, in 625 CE, at the valley located in front of mount Uhud, which is now North-Western Arabia.

It occurred between the Muslim community of Madina led by Muhammad (PBUH), and a force led by Abu Sufyan. The battle was the second military encounter between the Meccans and the Muslims preceded by the Battle of Badr, where a small Muslim army had defeated the much larger Meccan army.

Marching out from Mecca towards Madina on 625 CE, the Meccans desired to avenge their losses at Badr and strike back at Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers.

Although Muhammad (PBUH) had given clear instructions that his men should hold the line before them lay the booty of the Qurayshi army; so they rushed to claim their share. The Qurayshi cavalry attacked the high ground and quickly broke through. Now the life of the Prophet (PBUH) himself was in jeopardy.

While Muhammad (PBUH) got engaged in the desperate battle, the indiscipline of some of the faithful had enabled Abu Sufyan, to turn defeat into victory.


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