A new lesson 💪🏻😉
*😍ways to love Allah*

🌸The most pleasing human emotion is love and the most beautiful form of love is to love Allah.

❤We stay away from sin because we fear Allah and we fear the punishment of Hellfire, but we worship Allah and do good deeds and draw nearer to Allah because we love Allah and we hope for Paradise.

✅Love between the worshiper and the Creator feels so satisfying and it fills your heart, especially when you know that Allah loves you.

🚨To love Allah is more than simply pronouncing your love of Allah; it is acting upon this love by obeying Him, worshiping Him, liking what He likes, and disliking what He dislikes.

Originally posted on Tue _6 _September _2022AH 6-9-2022AD @ 9:54 am

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