AL BASEER : The All-Seeing, The All-Perceiving, The All-Comprehending.

Reminder After Reminder:

2⃣7⃣ AL BASEER البصير : The All-Seeing, The All-Perceiving, The All-Comprehending.


✨ The All-Seeing, The All-Perceiving, The All-Comprehending.

✨ The One whose insight sees all things clearly, both the apparent and the hidden.
✨ The One who sees and understands all that has been, and all that will be. The One who perceives every detail.
✨ The One who has given to mankind the outer eye of the body, and the inner eye of the heart.

1 - كِتَابُ الْإِيمَانِ " الْفَصْلُ الْأَوَّلُ

1⃣ Watch your deeds!
👉 As a Muslim one of your tasks is to mind the acts of your limbs and your heart anytime, anywhere, and in any company. A practical tip is to imagine yourself being watched by a camera which follows you 24/7, whether you are with people or all alone. So watch it.
2⃣ Trust in Al-Baseer at all times.
👉 He sees every obstacle and sorrow you face and everything others do to you, He is the Only One Who only gives you what is good for you at all times. Therefore submit and put all your trust in Him only.
3⃣ Persevere .
👉 Isn’t it the most comfortable and reassuring feeling for your heart knowing Your Lord is so close to you and sees and hears everything you go through? When others do injustice to you and no one seems to notice, take strength from the fact that Al-Baseer is seeing them and will recompense them.
4⃣ Believe in the decree of Al-Baseer .
👉 Whenever Allah creates something, grants something, gives life, causes death, guides someone, or allows someone to stray, it is in accordance with His wisdom, His perfect knowledge, and His complete vision that nothing can escape. Believe that everything Al-Baseer does is a complete test for you and only for your own good, even though you might not like it.
5⃣ Make dua to Al-Baseer abundantly.
👉 Al-Baseer sees every hardship you face, so invoke Him and supplicate to Him. Ask Him to help you to use your sight and insight only for things pleasing to Him.

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📖 Al-Baseer Himself says: “Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” [Quran, 17:1]

🙌 Ya Baseer Aid us to watch our deeds and use our sight and insight for Your sake only, and make us grateful for the blessings of our senses, Protect us from the injustice of others, adorn us with reliance upon You and Your justice at all times.

Ya Ahlal Islam.. Ponder upon this name of Allah…
📜 Memorise each name, Learn its translation, Meanings and How to live by each of the names of Allah.
💎Remember this Hadeeth:
💠Narrated Abu Huraira(RA): Prophet Muhammad Sallal’lahu Alaihi Wa sallam said, “Allah has ninety-nine names, i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise.”
Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 50 Hadith 894

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