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Reasons Why Your Children’s Schools Matter

After the NYSC orientation camping, the sister was posted to a faith-based secondary school owned and managed by a Christian.

The principal of the school, having asked her her name, didn’t even take time to enquire further.

She said unequivocally and unapologetically, that the school does not accept Muslims as her members of staff.

She had to get an alternative.

In one of the schools I taught in FCT, a Deeper life school, very close to us also has it as their principle, never to employ a Muslim staff.
Not even as a gate guard who does not have direct link to the student.

This post is never to spite hatred for this act, rather to express my admiration for their resilience to guard against corrupting whatever biblical discipline they have instilled in their students.

Mankind and Satan Part 6

Truly, whatever you cherish and love, you have to hold it sacred, guard and protect it against corruptive influences.

This is the ghīra (protective jealousy) they have that Muslims have lost.

Sometimes, when you go to our Islāmic schools, you wonder, because the percentage of the non Muslims is almost in the same ratio with the Muslims.

The Muslims don’t only stop at this, they proudly take their children to these Christian schools, a mistake the Christian parents will never make.

A non Muslim parent, who unconsciously registered her children in an Islāmic school because they do well academically, corrected the mistake as soon as she realized that it was cancerous.

Islam is the Religion of Tolerance and Ease

One day, her children returned from school. They raised the desire to become Muslims… Gan-gan gan-gan!!! (In the Nollywood voice, during the scenes of shock)

After thinking of how best to nip this desire on the bud, she drove them to spots, different locations where there were Muslim beggars.

She asked her children if they wanted to be like them. You know their response. And she said to them: “They’re all Muslims, and Muslims are beggars”.

And truly, they were all Muslims.

Then, she did the most important thing by changing their school, because she had realized that she was commiting a spiritual suicide.

What Does Islam Teach About Humanity?

I so much admire this about the christians.

And please don’t come and talk about religious tolerance. Because Islām does not say we should be reckless in this regard.

You want the progress of the Ummah, the expansion of Islām, yet you have your children who should sustain that desire and work towards achieving it in a school where such a desire would be killed?

Who are your children’s teacher?

Mr. Samuel, because he is an expert in chemistry.

Mr. Peter, because he was the most successful in physics during the interview.

Miss Chioma, whose hair is uncovered, dressed in an apparel different from that prescribed by Allāh and His Messenger; because she was the most proficient in English during the interview and has British accent.

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And you think their subjects have no direct link with religion, therefore can’t influence the Muslim students’ faith, forgetting that they will learn directly from their conducts?

My son returned home one afternoon from the Islāmic school I registered him and mentioned ‘olololo buga oo! Even before asking, he said uncle Kola sang it in school. I asked if he was a Muslim or Christian. “A Christian”, he affirmed.

You won’t blame them because they don’t know our values.

Christian schools don’t make that mistake. Even right from the collections of CVs, they dispose the ones carrying Muslim names so they don’t mistakenly invite them for interview.

Fasting for Pregnant Women and Breastfeeding Mothers

I love this.. I really do

Odoma Muhammad Lawal , a student I taught, walked to me in school one day and said he learnt the way I manage the tap from running during ablutions.

According to him, he observed me closely for a while and since then, he applied the same method. I was amazed that someone could notice such a little distinction.

I do not have a problem employing non Muslims in other sectors if they meet my requirements, but not in my school, where I desire to raise generations upon the Qur’ān, Sunnah and the manhaj of the four caliphs.

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