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Why They Became Muslims

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لماذا أسلمتَ ” ؟

“Why Did you Become Muslim”?


A Bedouin was asked: Why did you become Muslim? He said: I have never seen any word or deed that reason regards as good or sound human nature (al-fitrah) indicates is right but Islam encourages it and enjoins it and the Lord of Glory permits it. And I have never seen anything that reason sees as bad and sound human nature indicates is wrong, but Allah prohibits it and forbids it to His slaves.


Robert Dixon, the head of the American Lawyers’ Association, said: My answer to the one who asks me why I became Muslim is: Islam is the religion of monotheism, happiness, peace of mind and dignified living, if I adhere to it and apply its teachings. It is the religion of divine justice.

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Muhammad Asad, the Austrian politician and author, said: It was not any particular teaching that attracted me, but the whole wonderful, inexplicably coherent structure of moral teaching and practical life programme. 


Sylvie Fawzy, a French lady who became Muslim, said: In Islam I found a way of life that answers all questions and organizes man’s life in a way that benefits him and is suited to his nature, with regard to his clothing, his food, his work, his marriage, his choices in life, and his relationship with others. So it comes as no surprise that the one who adheres to Islam feels content and secure, which in my opinion are the most important factors in life.

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