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1. If your kids dressed naked on the street and you call it fashion or civilization.

2. If your kids in primary and secondary schools have their personal andriod phone in the name of doing assignment. Get ready to raise rotten children.

3. During birthday you dress your female child  half naked and post on social media expecting positive comments. Hmmmm.

3. Your kids have access to any channel of their choice in your television even when you are not present.  Be sure that you will raise vangabonds.

4. Your child is doing something wrong and no body can correct him/ her because you will always fight for him. Don’t worry Govt will soon parade him/her on media.

5. A teacher corrected your kid in school and he cried home to report to you. You organise a protest to the school for the teacher to be sacked.

You well so?

6. You went on social media defending your child for what everyone knows that he did wrong.

 7. The father/ mother is correcting a child and you are there shouting please don’t kill him for me ooo.

8. You are giving a child of less than ten years old pocket money and say is for your weekend. Hmm.

They will soon start visiting banks to enable them raise money for their   Salah celebration.


9. You are expecting your child to become the bread winner of your home at less than 18yrs. The gun powder you are cooking will soon explode  

10. Your have the means to sponsor your children in school  but you told them school is a scam. Wel done

11. Insulting your spouse in the presence of your kids. Calling all manner of names. Continue that seed you are planting. It will soon grow.

12. You bribe the school for your ward to gain admission; you do well, but watch out for his final results.

13. A girl of 15 years in your house cannot cook nor wash her clothes by herself because there is an house girl in the house. Get ready to give him house girl when she is getting married.

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14.  You don’t have time to give your child religious and moral training in the name of I  am busy with something else,

Don’t worry you won’t be quiet at old age.

15. You are pushing your children to just get  married not withstanding their interest. Just because you want to have grand children. Prepare a room to receive your divorcee.

16. You want your children to read a course of your choice in the university, it doesn’t matter if they can cope.

Take note of these if you want to be a good parents. May almighty Allah ease our affairs.

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