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The Concept of Equality in Islam?

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*Understand Islam *

*The Concept of Equality in Islam?*

Islam is the entire code of life in which we are able to study all issues which we face in our each day lives. Islam is the faith of equality. We can take steerage from Quran in which Allah Almighty talked about the options of all issues.

Islam acknowledges no man-made synthetic distinctions primarily based on coloration, tribe, race, nationality, or in any other case. As all folks come from the unique couple-Adam and Eve-they are all one household and subsequently equal earlier than God. What distinguishes folks from one another is their dedication to Islam: “The most honored in the sight of Allah is (he who is) most righteous” (Quran 3:86)

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Equality in Islam stems from fundamental rules akin to:

1. All males are created by One and the Same Eternal Creator, the Supreme Lord of all.

2. All mankind belongs to the human race and share equally in the widespread lineage of Adam and Eve.

3. Allah is simply and sort to all his creatures. He just isn’t keen on any race, age, or faith.

4. The complete universe is Allah’s supremacy, and all persons are His creatures.

5. All persons are born equal in the sense that none brings any dominion with him; they usually die equal in the sense that they take again nothing of their worldly belongings.


6. Allah judges each individual on the premise of his personal deserves and in accordance with his personal deeds.

7. Allah has debated on man, a title of honor and dignity.

Such are some of the rules behind the worth of equality in Islam. When this idea is totally utilized, it should go away no place for prejudice or persecutions. And when this Divine ordinance is totally carried out, there will likely be no room for oppression or suppression. Concepts of chosen and gentile peoples, phrases akin to ‘privileged’ and ‘condemned’ races, expressions akin to “social castes” and “citizens” will all change into meaningless and out of date.

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*All are Not Identical*

In the eyes of Almighty Allah, all persons are equal, however they’re undoubtedly not an identical in sense of talents, potentials, ambitions, wealth and so forth. The limitations in these examples are pure.

Yet, none of these variations can by themselves, set up the standing of superiority of one man or race over one other. The solely distinction, which Allah acknowledges is the excellence in piety; the one criterion which Allah applies, is the criterion of goodness and religious excellence.

Allah Says: “O mankind, verily We have created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Almighty Allah is the most righteous” (Quran 49:13).

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Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) mentioned: “O mankind, your Lord is One and your father is one. You all descended from Adam, and Adam was created from earth. He is most honored among you in the sight of God who is most upright. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no colored person to a white person, or a white person to a colored person except by Taqwa (piety).” [Ahmad, At-Tirmithi]

*Practical Implementation:*

Not solely did Islam emphasize the equality precept theoretically however did it virtually in all attainable areas. The equality through the each day prayer in the Masjid is a finest instance for this. Whoever involves the Mosque first, takes his place in the entrance rows regardless of his monetary standing or place, and whoever comes late, his place is late and should you have a look at any row among the many prayer’s rows, you’ll discover in that row the wealthy and poor, the educated and the one with no data, the Arab and the non Arab, no variations all the identical in sight of Allah (SWT), their path throughout prayer, in addition to their revealed guide, as their Lord is one and likewise their actions through the prayer following one Imam.

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